{there is a light…and a tunnel…and an end…}


Oh yes! I'm excited!!! 

I'm excited because I'm making choices!

good ones, I think!

And I'm not waiting until January 1st!  

I'm going to start my new years resolutions today!! And that first resolution is to really focus on what is highest on my priority list! I have three things that top that list…my most important things…


My Mr Gorgeous

My family

Yep, you pretty much knew that, though, right? No real surprises there!! 

One thing I love about my blog is that it's a place where I can really process my way through my life. Even if I am not outloud about controversial subjects, I can still be myself and share my life the way I want to!

And that isn't going to change! As a matter of fact, I'm planning on stepping it up! In order to live a little more outloud (ie, blog more! LOL!!), I need to get a new computer. In order to do that, I need to get a job…

I almost have one! A new one…a secret one…for now. We are working out the details in the next few days, but today, I had the confidence to actually sit down and talk through some of the obstacles I was seeing with it. Those obstacles will hopefully be my strengths in the coming months! 

The best part about it all is that I will still be keeping my family and my faith first in my priority list…my value ladder. And for me, that's what counts. 

I'm not sure yet how it will affect my crafting, but we will soon see!! It may just afford me the chance to expand my quilting business through marketing and production. We'll see…

And now that you've heard me tell you absolutely nothing…LOL…I'm going to share a couple of pics from Quilt Market…I'm still struggling with picture editing and the time it takes, etc…so make sure you follow me on Instagram (sallykeller814) to see all of the wonders of my craftiness!! 🙂


One of my fun Mini Quilts in Patty Sloniger's booth at Market. Patty is a fabric designer for Michael Miller and is sooo fun to work with!!! Check out all of her Market fun here on her blog!!


See my sweet little pin cushion (the dresden plate with the sheep in it…it says "I love ewe!"…) in the Riley Blake Booth? of course you saw it and knew it was mine!! What gave it away??? LOL!!

Lots of fun pics coming!! Be sure and check out Julie's blog at the Intrepid Thread and Brooke's blog at Silly Mama Quilts. I had the BEST time with them and my new friend, Donna all last weekend. So fun!!!!


BTW, if you are in Houston for festival or you just live here, join us tomorrow night, Saturday, with the Houston Modern Quilt Guild and our Modern Meet-Up at the Hilton (connected to the George R Brown Convention Center) from 7-10!! We are going to give away a million dollars worth of prizes!! Okay, maybe not quite that much, but it sure seems like we have that much to give away!!! yay!!! (the girlies all pictured up there are member of the HMQG! Check out our blog here!!!)


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