it's time to come clean with all of my works in progress!! I'm over the top again, and I need to have a finishing week, for sure!!! ♥

{above photo… Alpine Wonderland quilt pattern/top ready to be quilted/written out!!}

of course, we have advent calendars:


I have a couple of other fun quilt tops that I need to baste, quilt and bind!


love this top!


This is a little snippet pic of an improvised top…I may have to keep this one!! (don't tell!!)


This sweet little placemat was created by a lady who I never met. Okay, stay with me through this list: She was the wife of the brother of the wife of my mother-in-law's cousin. She (the quilter) passed away a year ago and left a closet filled with quilt supplies, kits, tools, and unfinished projects. I went over to help them go through everything, and I saw this fabulous project with only the binding left.  I volunteered to finish this as a sweet addition to the creations she left behind and a present for her husband. 


and right now, I have an ongoing project filled with hexies! LOVE!!

…and I have to admit (confessions again!! LOL!!) I have two other bins filled with projects that I'm working on!!

So I'm going to be a finisher in the next few weeks! and a starter…and then a finisher again (and over and over!!)!!

If you are local, come on over to the casita on Thursday at 7:30pm and get your card crafting on!! We are creating three fun cards…you will love them! Email me at sally AT sallysangelworks DOT com if you are coming so I can make sure I have all of your materials for you! yay!!!

…and don't forget to finish!!!

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