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Ohhhh yes! I'm super excited to be included on the Happy Home Craft/Sew Along!! My friend, Jenny, who I met in line for Sample Spree in Houston last fall, posted all about it on her blog, Sew Pretty Dresses. I followed a link to her blog and immediately emailed her that I wanted to participate! There are so many fun projects to show you…but I'm going to surprise you on the 24th!! 🙂

Be sure and check out everyone's projects as they post them. They are so gorgeous!!!

Here are the list of blog participants:

June 11 Jenny Fish www.sewprettydresses.blogspot.com

June 12 Cathy Caprio Peckiconis http://sewingstoryproject.blogspot.com/

June 13 Judy Buchanan  www.hickity-pickity.blogspot.com/ 

 June 14 Guest on Sew Pretty Dresses: Shannon Branscom Winters www.sewprettydresses.blogspot.com

June 15 Leah Kinghorn  http://makinglifewonderful.blogspot.com 
June 16 Monique Reynolds  sewfunbymonique.blogspot.com/

June 17 Melissa Peda  100billionstars.com/

June 18 Jamie Harned http://theinsecurequilter.blogspot.com/

June 19 Stephanie Messer Danko www.tabbodesign.blogspot.com/

June 20 Kristi Pernell Elston  burlapbutton.blogspot.com

June 21 Kathy Hennessey  http://handmadedresshaven.blogspot.com/

June 22 Courtney Watford Davis www.sweeterthancupcakes.blogspot.com/

June 23  Guest on Sew Pretty Dresses: Jade Nocella Jenny Fish  www.sewprettydresses.blogspot.com

June 24 Sally Keller http://sallysangelworks.typepad.com

June 25 Tour Wrap Up www.sewprettydresses.blogspot.com


It's going to be SEW fun!!!!

And you can pick up the book at Amazon HERE!


that's not the only book that you will see promoted here, though…


Super excited about Amanda's book, An Apple a Day!!


See my pic in the middle?? proof that I really did contribute!! (Aren't these girlies gorgeous??? i love them!) LOL!!!


Stay tuned to this blog to WIN one (or two or three) of these books SOON!!!  We are putting together quite the book tour…and you are going to LOVE the projects that we show. 🙂


and while you wait for me to post new projects, here's one I finished today!

I went from this…


to this…


This valance is for my mom's window at her work. I can't wait to see it up there…

Here are some other shots…









Yay!! A finish!!

I still have several other projects in the works…wanna see?


I finished tracing the all 12 of the blocks for my Cowboy Days quilts…now, to embroider…


A quilted panel to bind for a darling friend…


A fun sheep quilt just for me…yes!!! LOVE!!! I'm still toying with what pattern I'm going to use…but it's going to have a lot of off-white in it…


You know you can always find art inspiration here…

I can't wait to continue to share that inspiration with you!! (aka…tune in tomorrow for more!!)

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