{i still love mondays: the monday life of a creative}


So yesterday was Monday…

it was a good day!

a day full of family, rest, and creativity!!

My sister-in-law let me and my girlies come and play with her baby girlies in the morning while she went for a regular checkup for her! Love these girlies…



My sweet Emma loved reading to them! ♥

Afterwards, I took my girlies to the grocery store…(a victory…although it totally wore me out! eeeep!)…and then we went home and rested! Yep, me…wild Monday girlie laid down on my bed for about 25 minutes. It was the best 25 minute rest (no sleep! I'd never sleep tonight!)  I've had in a while!

It gave me the energy to get into that craft studio and create…


{acrylics on a canvas – the chick is a clear stamp…love!}

We had been talking about resting in the Lord in our ladies' group. We even had a spa night all together. Ohhhhh, don't get me started on how awesome that was!

The verse above was inspired from that spa night! I love it!

I also created this yesterday…


I'm experimenting with mixed media! So fun. This is in my front entryway now (hence the mustard colored background! Yep, I was thinking of where I was going to mount it before I began!)

I used a bunch of fun tools and supplies to create it. I did stamp on it, but I didn't like the way it came out, so I just painted over and decoupaged paper over where I didn't like it! 🙂


I love my stash of lace and buttons!


gotta love the scrabble tiles! Text is my fave to add for sure!


And my reminder to myself…"Consider it all joy…" from James 1 in the Bible! 

I've actually recently been through some "stinkin' thinkin'" and been worried (gasp!!) about random things. The reminder of gratefulness and joy always realigns me back to the right way of thinking!! 🙂 This is the greatest part of creating art…creating art that inspires (even if it's only inspiring me! that's okay, too!!)


Yesterday, I also finished tracing all of the patterns for my Cowboy Days quilt embroidery blocks…


Like I said…this one'll take a while! 

Last night, I finished up on the couch with the computer. It's a little fritzy right now, so I was backing things up onto an EHD. And I found a fun old pic from 5 years ago of my youngest…I immediately had to digitally scrapbook it!


I used Sue Cummings' One Perfect Day kit from OScraps! (You can click on it to see it bigger to read the journaling!)

I'm going to leave you with a card I created last week…


I'm still in love with paper…and fabric! Ohhh, it's good to be me!!

Stay tuned this week…lots of fun creativity! Hopefully I'll have time to post about it! I seem to be living wildly away from the computer these days!

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