{my baby + such an adventure!!}


I'm super excited about my sweet baby girl and her summer plans…

{pic from the Library of Congress}

She is going to Ireland and London! what??? without me, you ask??

Well, I have a way you can "go" with her!!

Cora is traveling with a ministry called Global Expeditions, whose mission statement says this:

"Our heartbeat is to provoke a young generation to passionately pursue Jesus Christ and to take His life giving message to the ends of the earth!"

We are thrilled she is embarking on this month-long mission trip. But she needs help. She needs, first and foremost, your prayers. Second, she needs financial support.


Cora has a new travel blog with a direct link to Global Expeditions' donation site that specifically directs the money to her trip. She needs to raise at least 2100$ by April 19th to reach her first deadline. Because they will be ministering during the Olympics and travel to and from London right now for those dates are at a premium, we have to secure our place early!

Check out Cora's travel blog with more information RIGHT HERE...


And most coveted are your prayers! We thank you so much for making this trip with Cora!!

{all pictures of Cora taken by Megan Rogers Photography!}

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