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Happy Friday! 

As my health mends and I spend more time in that sweet craft studio, I am reminded how every moment is here to savor! Don't you agree??

This is one of the things that I am loving about my art class that I am taking online. The Art of Wild Abandonment has been such a wonderful journey so far! Even though I haven't been working every day on the lessons, even though I just lately have felt good enough to get into the craft studio, even though I'm still a newbie at all of this sketching stuff, I love it!

And one of my favorite things to do is to grab a beloved quote and sketch and create based on that quote…

…like this…


It's my choice! "Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry!"

love that quote!! love that philosophy!!



Well, today for fun fridays, I have a mini quilt tutorial for you!

First, the finished project…


isn't it adorable???

well, there are a few caveats…

You must stick with an exact seam allowance for each itty bitty block, or your mini quilt will turn out a little wonky like mine! My lack of matching seams didn't really bother me as my itty bitty quilt was for a little work of art…


This sweet project is my response to the zigzag challenge over at Project Quilting, and Junelle's "spring line-up" project from the class

Here are some close-ups…




{click to see the text bigger!}



Here is a quick tutorial on how to put one of these cutie patootie little mini quilts together yourself!

You don't need much material…just scraps…


Cut 6 1"squares of three different light prints each.

Cut 18 1"squares of a coordinating dark fabric.

TIP: heavily starch your fabric before you cut it! It will help a LOT!


Place a light fabric and a dark fabric squares right sides together.


Draw a diagonal line down the middle…


Sew a scant 1/8" seam on either side of the line you've drawn.

You can sew these faster by chain piecing…




If you want your squares to all be the same size, make sure your seams are even with the line! (not like my pic above…LOL!)


Cut on the drawn line!


Press them all with the seam going the same way. I tried it both ways (with them alternating and with them the same) and the same went together smoother.


Set your half square little mini triangles up in a zigzag pattern like the pic above.

Sew the squares together in rows… 


…and then sew the rows together, matching the seams (better than I did, please! LOL!!).


Do this for all three light color squares and put all three sets of rows together…


You can keep it a rectangle (i did mine this way for the clothesline effect…).

Add a little piece of batting and a little piece of fabric for the backing and quilt that little sucker! I used wild horizontal lines…i like it!!

Also, cut your backing about 1/2"bigger than your quilt. Fold it 1/4" in iron, and fold it over the front of your quilt to create your binding!

And Voila! you are done! so cute, huh? would be a really cute mini mug rug!

Let me know if you create one of these cuties!


So this was the last of our challenges for Project Quilting. It has been sooo fun!! I may have to join in their off-season challenges! And I'm totally excited to be a sponsor for the grand prize! (If I win it, I'm so going to give myself that free apron! LOL!!)

What have you been savoring?



Be sure and check here on Sunday for a fun blog hop freebie and the list of blogs to hop around and get a BUNCH of cool digiscrapping tools!!! 🙂


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