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Happy Monday, everyone!! Are you inspired today to create??? I sure am! 

This week my mom and I are getting ready for her Ladies' Friendship Brunch her church puts on every year. Ladies from her church can "host" a table and invite their friends to come, eat brunch, hear an inspirational speaker, and fellowship. And these ladies do not hold back in their table decorating!!

For the past several years, Mom and I have teamed up to create fun tables! See this post HERE to see our SHEEPISH table from last year! (scroll down to the bottom of the tutorial to see the table pics.) It featured Amanda's Sweet Divinity fabrics. I LOVED it!! 

This year, it was hard to tear myself away from sheep. But looking at the picture above, I think we've settled on a good theme this year…black and white. And there will be a little pop of RED in there, too!! 

So, my projects this week will be geared for the table! Soooo fun!!! I'll keep you posted…


What else have I been doing in this fun craft studio, you ask?

well, remember my FMQ (free motion quilting) I did in January?


well, with a little help from my ruffler foot, which I believe I've conquered – lol, I made it into a pillow. So yummmmy!!


Penny wanted to be in the picture, too (and that's where the best lighting was, of course!)…

This is using Honey Child by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom. Gorgeous, isn't it????


I added the little crocheted flower and antique button just for a little vintage whimsy. LOVE!!


and for the back, I used Jennifer's West Indies fabric!! (yummmmy!)

Here are some other closeups of the pillow:









So this past week, I've been seeing a bunch of wonky stars all over the quilty blogosphere, so I thought Saturday, I'd try my hand at one!!! I've also been loving all of the quilts on Pinterest with this color combo. Yes, I am a Pinterest lover…it's a tool, people!! 🙂 (email me if you want an invite…it's super cool!!)

Anyway, I used this very fun tutorial for "Maverick Stars" over at Quiltville.com and I love it. I wasn't sure it was going to turn out, but once I "wonked" the whole thing, I fell in love with it!!


And you know me…I cannot do anything without embroidering on it! it says "Love hopes ALL things!" I love this quote from 1 Cor 13…basically for me, this says when I love, hope grows! It's just as easy as that! 🙂

…there will definitely be a lot more of these in my future!!



So i got a box of fun from Amazon last week!! EEEEP!! SOooooo cute!! (Thanks, Mom for the Christmas gift card!!! :))

A friend, Amy, from our Houston Modern Quilt Guild shared the book on the left, Happy Gloves, with us at the January meeting. As soon as I saw this pic (below), I knew I had to have it!

{my son collects penguins…just sayin'}

And while looking for it on Amazon, I came across the book on the right, Sock and Glove by the same author. When I saw that there was a sheep in it, it was immediately in my shopping cart!!


Can anything be more adorable???? nah, I didn't think so either!!


So I promised on Friday that I'd show you the shirt (blouse) that I made last week and wore on Sunday….here ya go…


Those elephants are the greatest!!!

(had to show you the boots with the outfit…I'm in Texas, you know!!)

It held up well…this pic was taken after church after I'd been wearing it for about 6 hours! Love that fabric!! (Pernilla's Journey by Tina Givens bought from Julie at the Intrepid Thread)

And the best compliment was from my darling friend who came over for our superbowl party and stayed after to watch Captain America in 3D (LOVE!). I was showing her my blog on my iPad and she saw the pic from Friday of the material being cut with the pattern on it and she yelled, "Wait!! You made that shirt?????" Thanks, Syd!! It made my day!!!!!



{glass 'crazy bowl' from 2 Goose Studio – LOVE!!!}

Have a wonderful blessed week!!!! And stay tuned for SHOP updates!! I'm a finisher this year, for sure!!! yay!!!! 

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