{funky wonky project quilting fun + crazy funky wonky life fun!!}


ohhh yeah baby!!! I love this week!!

it's filled with fun, wild, crazy living!!!

Are you living crazy like me???

Are you embracing life to the fullest that you can???

I choose to do just that…embrace all I can!!!

So to start this week, I grabbed these fat quarters that my sweet, sweet friend Julie sent me …


and I made this…


You want to make it too…I can tell!!!

So I uploaded a complete tutorial on Julie's blog right here!!


Mr Gorgeous had to put the gnome in there…he's sooo cute (mr gorgeous…okay, the gnome is, too!!)

This is my project quilting challenge #4 quilt submission, too!!! (it's a busy week, what can I say???)

The challenge was to create a block for a Barn Quilt. A Barn Quilt is usually a big quilt (around 8'x8') that depicts one block. I chose to do my own version of a wonky log cabin block. This is my first attempt at a wonky log cabin, but I have to tell you, I was completely enamored with the marriage of modern + traditional. This whole idea of a log cabin (which was my very first quilt block ever! yipeee!!) with straight line quilting (modern) and white space (modern) along with crazy awesome modern fabrics (Dan Bennett's Cosmos from Free Spirit) with the added traditional folk hand quilting (middle block) just made me smile through the whole process. LOVE that!

This is why I quilt…to create something that makes me smile so that in turn it will inspire someone else to create or believe or have hope or just be inspired!! 🙂 This quilt definitely inspired me to continue to create in a modern marrying traditional manner. (like that alliteration??? okay, it's been a long week so far!! LOL!!)

Thanks again, Julie and Kim for the inspiration to create!! 🙂


btw, are you in the Houston area and are prone to drama like me?????

You won't want to miss this:


wanna see some other wildness???

this morning my hair looked like this…

now it looks like this…

very blonde on top…

very red underneath…

and a little lighter…


My sweet hairdresser cut off this huge chunk of hair to send to Locks of Love…we'll see if they take it! I now have a shaved underhead! LOL!! (can you say that outloud???? LOL)


this week isn't over yet!! eeep!!

I still have two more surprises…

Tomorrow I'm sharing a little bit of my crazy digital scrapbooking love and tips over on the OBlog...


Come on over to the OBlog Thursday afternoon to see how to create a cool digital scrapbooking page like this!!!

Better yet, head on over there right now to see all of the wild digi excitement that's happening over there right now!! 🙂


had enough??? I didn't think so….

Friday, I will be revealing what I created with these fabrics…


compliments of Riley Blake Designs...this is a smattering of fabrics just released called "Fly a Kite" by October Afternoon!! Soooo fun and wonderful!! 

Can you guess what I made???? Can you guess what it might involve????

isn't the crazy wonky life a fun life???

For me, it's a life filled with HOPE and a future!!! 

Be sure and check back to see that future!! 🙂

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