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it's the little things in life that keep us smiling!!

my son LOVES penguins…so I found a link on Pinterest that led me to this tutorial and I followed it to make the penguins above. (Mine aren't as suave, but my son loved them!! :))


Remember this book? Happy Gloves? and this cute little guy? Well, I created one for my darling son…


Isn't he adorable??? btw, Target has these gloves on sale for $.60 for two pair!! what a deal!! I picked up a bunch so I could make these guys! LOVE!!!



So last week, I was battling a double ear infection…I'm still not sure it's completely cured, so I'm off to the dr tomorrow, but that's not what I was getting at…

On Valentine's Day, I wanted to do something really special for the family, but I was really low on energy! Not even my normal IV of coffee worked!! 🙂

So I decided to grab these fabrics and whip something up…


I'm addicted to half-square triangles! I found a fun tutorial on how to make them faster. But they are cut on the bias which makes them a little stretchy. It's a good way for me to practice my precision stitching!


Before sewing the HST together…(above)




I added some 10" squares of fabric and made a table cloth. I didn't use batting, just backing and added some trim. I'll show off the finished project later, but suffice it to say, after this project was done…i was wiped out for the night!! 🙂

But they all liked the table cloth/picnic table cloth! 🙂

This weekend, I wanted to finish two custom projects I had on the books. 

The first was a purse for my niece's birthday. I showed her the pattern in this book by Kay Whitt, and then I let her pick her fabrics…she did a great job!!


And here's her purse…







Isn't it adorable??? I'm hoping to make several more! I love them! 

And then my darling friend, Colleen wanted an iPad bag just like I have. Mine was made for this tutorial here by Julie from the Intrepid Thread.  So this weekend, I finished Colleen's…she picked the fabric for hers, too…I love it when they see the fabric stack and then they see the finished project!! Makes me look like I was a miracle worker!! (we all know that a good pattern will always make us look great, right??? LOL!!)



my front closeup didn't turn out so clear…


But the back one shows off my Free Motion Quilting that I did using the leaf pattern we did for last month's challenge. 🙂

And what about this coming week???? Ohhhhh I have plans, big plans!!

Project Quilting Season3 challenge #4 is up and it's a great one!! I'm excited!! It goes right along with something that I'll be guest posting on a certain blog this week! Tooo exciting!! :) 

and I hope to squeeze in this fun sew-along…


February's project is an ironing board cover…and these are the fabrics I picked out…


Can't wait to finish it! yay!!! 🙂

What are you up to this week???

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