{fun monday!! appropriate for me!!}


Did you wake up this morning rejoicing???? I did!! It's Monday! A fresh start! yipeeeee!!

and I promised you a video…

…and despite the wicked weekend I had (filled with fever and ear infections and biggest loser reruns), I got it up and streaming on YouTube today. 

Yep, I love Mondays!!

So, without further ado, here's that video I promised…

I know you want to see the finished table with all of my black and white projects!

btw, there might be an ad or two that pops up…just click the x to get rid of it. It's because of that fabulous recording of music that is playing in the background! Worth it! 🙂

So here are some closeups of the table:


This was my place setting…


Here's mom placing the roses on the bowl…so pretty!! (yep, mom & the roses!)


closeup of the roses and glasses


And here is the table with all of the gorgeous guests!! (minus one sister-in-law who was home sick with sick twins!!)


and our finished table!! teeheeee…it's closure! LOL!!

Thanks for letting me share a fun BIG project with you!! Be sure and stick around this week for more fun new project finishes!!! yay!!

blessings to you this gorgeous Monday!!

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