{such video quilty fun coming…}


Aren't you excited??? I know I am!!

I will have new quilty fun in the store tomorrow!! And here on the blog, I'm going to post my first "quilty" video!! Yay!!

It will be a great "tutorial"-type video, but with a twist!! ♥

Also, there will be a newsletter on Friday, too! So be sure and sign up for that, so you can get all of the ins and outs of Sally's Angelworks and all that is going on here!! Yep, all of my wildness, for sure!! All out loud!! teeheee…


btw, I got some really fun presents for Christmas…including TWO (count them, two!!!) gift certificates to Julie's store, the Intrepid Thread. Can you guys say "addicted to fabric"? Very Good!!

Let's just say that there will be some very yummy fabric pictures coming soon, since I kinda spent most of the GCs!! LOL!!

You need to make sure you are signed up for Julie's newsletter (see her right sidebar!!), because there will be a fun, fun, fun (did I mention fun??) tutorial in there by MOI!! 🙂

Here's a sneaky peek!!

Can this fabric be any cooler?? or cuter??? or ohhhh you know what I mean!! pure awesomeness!!

See you back here on Friday…Friday…Friday…


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