{hexies + petal pushers + a table = a fun friday tutorial!!}


Ohhhhh it's fun Friday here!!! yay!!! 

And today, instead of making you suffer through a video of me explaining something, I've got a tutorial to share right here!!! 

So, before I start all of my rambling, let's get to it!!

Here's what we are making:

Petal Pusher Hexie Table Topper

By Sally’s Angelworks


Here’s a fun quick project you can whip up in an afternoon!! Thanks to my sweet, sweet friend and fabric dealer (seriously!! she is totally my dealer!!!), Julie from the Intrepid Thread for the Petal Pushers fabric! You can get some here!

Download the printable PDF right here!! 



6 fat eighths (different prints)

1 fat quarter (white or neutral)

1 fat quarter for binding

Backing fabric (I used bleached muslin)

Hexagon templates

(I am offering a kit for this in my store!!! yipeeeee!!!)


Cutting instructions:

Cut 2  3.5”x5” rectangles out of each of the 6 prints.

With the leftover material, cut a 3.5” square out of each print. You will use this for the hexies!


The instructions for this table topper are really easy! (LOVE that!!) Here we go…



Lay out your rectangles longways to see how you want to put them together. I sewed mine in the same order, but flipped the order on the opposite side of the topper. 



Sew your rectangles together in two strips of 6 each.



Trim your shorter side of your neutral fat quarter piece down to 18.5”. This should be the length of your strips of rectangles.



TIP: I don’t have anything larger than a 15” large cutting ruler, so I added a 3.5” ruler right next to my 15” one. Perfect!!! Make sure they are both straight!




Sew your rectangle strips to either side of your fat quarter (on the short sides).




Here’s kind of a fun pic showing off one side…



Gather your supplies for your hexies. I just googled hexie tutorials to make sure I was doing it correctly. I’m still in search of the perfect one…maybe that will make it onto a Fun Friday video…but just know that as long as you tack the corners, you’re good!!




After you finished your hexies, iron them (with the paper still inside).





Take the paper out and iron again.



Lay them out how you think you’d like them to look!




Sew the edges where the hexies meet together right sides together with a whipstitch.




I got kind of carried away and didn’t sew the same edges together that I had originally put together, but I still liked this design, too!!




Before you sew your hexies down, let’s quilt this sucker…pin baste all three layers together.



I’m always inspired by my darling friend, Brooke’s table runner quilting, so I decided to do those same wavy quilting lines horizontally on my topper!!



After quilting, pin your hexie group down right where you want them.



  Sew in the inside of each hexie about ¼”.

Go back and sew around the very edge of the outline of the group. So cool!!



{cupcakes not included!} 

Bind and Voila!! You are done and you have a gorgeous table topper!!


Just a note about the kit! 

I will include everything needed for this project including the printed PDF EXCEPT batting and backing! :) 

Everything for 19$ with FREE SHIPPING!!! yipeee! What a deal!! 🙂 and there are a limited quantity so get yours RIGHT HERE!! 🙂


A quick shout out to the NEW in the store this week!!


PomPom Walk in the Woods quilt



Petal Pushers Hexie Table Topper



{sorry…this guy isn't for sale!!}

Happy sewing this weekend!! I'll popping in and out…tomorrow is the January meeting of the Houston Modern Quilt Guild, so I'm super excited about that!!!


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