{happy new year from sally’s angelworks!}


Happy new year!! 

I'm super excited to start this new year off on a Sunday! Now, there were moments this morning where the phrase "church at night" sounded really good!! Especially after being up so late last night. But I've been staying up late a bunch of nights lately…the mind of the creative…never sleeping!! LOL!!

This morning we had a marvelous service at church. We sang a bunch of really great songs, heard a marvelous word filled with hope, and we fellowshipped with our church family. It was so encouraging and uplifting!! I feel fortified, armored, and ready for anything that the world can throw at me this year!!


Hey, did you notice all the NEW changes around here??? I love a new look once in a while!!

I have a couple of photos to swing this fun blog into the new year…

btw, today is my father-in-law's birthday.


this is one of my fave pics of dad…with his namesake, Don V (Quentin) 14 years ago!!

11-11-2011 12_58_28 PM

happy birthday, dad!!



last night at our new year's eve get together, it was brought to my attention that the baby Jesus had a special worshipper…Can you find him???

speaking of Christmas, we always let the parents of the youngest children in the family choose where to have Christmas dinner. So we had it over at my brother's home. His twin girlies were the cutest little Christmas twins ever…

Olivia and Alice with their daddy


the flash made her giggle!!


Uncle Donnie (aka mr gorgeous) gave Alice fun blocks for Christmas. Alice with her momma!!

speaking of kiddos…

…here's what was going on here this afternoon about 30 minutes ago. There is nothing better than a good Christmas present that you can share with best friends!!

I love this age of art exploration!!

Get ready for a LOT MORE art exploration here on the blog!!

And when you get tired of winter (it's a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny here in Houston!), just think of this sweetie…

she has flip flops!! what???? and her towel and sunglasses are ready for summer. 

My summer sheep, Sonny!! LOVE!!!

Get ready for some quilting fun this week!! I'm excited!!

Happy New Year and many blessings from my family to yours!

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