{Fun Fridays here at Sally’s Angelworks!! + a small giveaway!}


It's Fun Friday!!! Yay!!! Having fun yet????


So, each Friday this year I am going to attempt to have a video up. Bear with me as real life happens!! This blog is a fun spot of refuge for me, and if it gets like a millstone, it gets left in the dust! (as it should be, don'tcha think?)

Before I share this goofy video with you, I have a bunch of disclaimers…

1. I am only human…

2. Apparently, I will not be the next Steven Spielberg (I can't even spell his name!!!) LOL!!

3. My video conversion tools leave a lot to be desired!!!

4. I'm working on getting my cell phone fixed so that next week's video is much clearer!!! eeeeek!

5. I believe only Jesus was perfect!! Thus, the crazy video…


enough disclaimers for ya?

And here is the best news for you today!!

There is a giveaway attached to this video!! YAY!!!!

If you can count how many times I say the word "SUPER" in this video and  email me at sally@sallysangelworks.com the number you get with the subject line "SUPER Count," I will enter all of the right answer people in the giveaway for this fun aromatherapy pillow!!

You have until midnight next Thursday night (Jan 12th) to get your emails in!!! 


(I actually will be making you a new one!! yay!!!)

How fun is that???

Now, without further ado, here's my crazy Vol.12No.1 video for today!



Mentioned in the video:

These quilts are all found HERE!!!


Silent Cinema Throw Quilt


Sweet Divinity Bunting Quilt


Power Pop Quilt

Love Is Wedding Quilt perfect for Valentine's Day


and don't forget the aprons!! yay!! They are HERE in the store!!




Can't wait to see your entries for the fun little hand-embroidered lavender pillow giveaway!!!

Next week's project:

Calendar Holder!! yay!!

and don't forget to check back next week for more creative fun!!! yay!!!!


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