{fabric inspiration on a lazy sunday afternoon}


{my Silly Bandz mini art quilt for sale at Etsy!}

Do you ever just love to sit and stare at fabric? or sheep? or fabric with sheep on it??

Okay, maybe that's just me…

Last week, I took my youngest to the dentist for some preventative dentistry, and I just had to stop at the quilt store which is just a few houses down from the dentist office.

I told Lillian that we weren't buying anything…

…and I did pretty well, until I got to the table that said "buy any bundle, get a class for free!"

Actually, I didn't buy a bundle.

I didn't get a free class.

But, the sheep fabric that was in the bundle screamed out to me, "BUY ME, SALLY!!! RIGHT NOW!!!" And of course, I always listen to screaming fabric, don't you?? I went and found the bolts the bundle was cut from…*sigh* …i love sheep!

wanna see???


This is Deb Strain's Coming Home fabrics which was out in stores in Sept of last year. I got the two fabrics and the panel. Check out that selvage! What??? Sheep???!!!!


For some reason, I love panels…I dunno why!! I just do!

Here's a close up of several of the sheep-laden panels:






see why I'm in heaven????

…and yes, Lillian did say, "Mom!! I thought you said we weren't buying anything!" Kids! LOL!

And so then that was Wednesday…

on Thursday, in my mailbox was this FABULOUS package from Julie from the Intrepid Thread!

I had to get the bundle she was selling for the Tangerine Tango challenge!! There were a couple of fun little inserts to play with, too!! Here's how I divided my package up for my projects!


This is for the January 2012 Art Gallery Blog challenge!! yipeee!!


These are for my Tangerine Tango Challenge Quilt!


And these are going to become a mini birdie quilt with hearts for the shop for Valentine's Day! Oooop, better get on that one quick!! 🙂

I'm handquilting a Valentine's Day little wall hanging for the shop tonight! But before I get to that, I have a couple more pics from our Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting yesterday! It was super super fun!!! I just took a few pics before I got distracted and started handquilting again…(I love that everyone does handwork during the meeting. It's soooo liberating and such a great use of time for me!! heehee!!)


Here's Liz with a finished quilt of hers! Awesome!!!


And Deirdre's Row Robin quilt!! Everyone did awesome-ly! It's called Mom's Garden of Flowers!


and Becca's fun Pezzy Baby Quilt! Love!!!

If you are in the Houston area and want to totally be inspired, come to our Houston Modern Quilt Guild meetings!! Pure Awesomeness!!


btw, the project quilting challenge #2 is up…and I've picked my song!! have you???

See you here Tuesday morning! Tomorrow, I'm going to redecorate my house since all of the Christmas stuff is put away…well, almost all of it!!!


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