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How exciting is this to have Julie visit my blog??? I LOVE this project and can't wait for her to show you how she did it! So without further ado, here's Julie with the Intrepid Thread!!



Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner

DOWNLOAD the printable PDF here!!


  Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-1


 1/2 YD Background Fabric

1/3 yd Ornament fabric or enough to fussy cut 6 – 5 inch circles

1/2 yd Border Fabric

6 – 3” strips by WOF of Ribbon fabric

5/8 yd Background Fabric

½ yd – 20” wide Fusible web

Batting, insul-brite, or fleece




  1. Fussy cut 6 motifs from your ornament fabric using an old CD or the template provided. I like using an old CD because you can center the hole over the middle of the motif and make sure that you are cutting them all the same. Cut out the same number of circles from your fusible web.

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-2
(you can download a circle template HERE if you don't have a CD hanging around!) 

 2. Apply the fusible web to the back side of your fabric circles according to manufacturer’s directions.

  Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-3 

3. Cut background fabric to 18” x 36”.  Arrange ornaments, three on each side in a pleasing manner. I placed them 7”, 4”, and 9” from the short edge and about 1 ½” from the long edge on either side.  Fuse.

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-4 

            I alternated on the each side to make them more interesting.

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-5
4. Trace around the Bow Template on your fusible web 6 times. You don’t have to draw them out as perfect bows – you can fit them in here and there on scraps of fusible. As long as you remember to have a right and left side for each bow it will be okay. The bow template is also provided so you don’t have to trace around the picture. As you can see my tracing skills are not so great LOL

DOWNLOAD your BOW template HERE!! 

  Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-6

5. Fuse and cut one bow and cut one 1” strip from each 3” x WOF strip of ribbon fabric

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-7
6. Use your ruler and draw a line from the edge to ½ inch from the center of each ornament.

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-8
 7. Fold each 1” strip in half long ways and press.

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-9
8. Place the bows on the background next to the ornaments in a pleasing manner. Then pin the raw edge of the corresponding folded strips on the drawn lines

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-10
9. Sew a scant ¼ down the raw edge.

  Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-11

10. Fold the folded edge of the strip over the sewn (raw) edge and press.

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-12
Then edge stitch down both sides of the strip very close to the edge. Make sure that the folded edge is covering the raw edges. Trim if needed to achieve this.

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-13
11. Finish the raw edges of your ornaments in your favorite raw edge appliqué technique. I used a fancy stitch on my machine.

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-14
12. Fuse the bows on placing the knot over the end of the strip. Then finish the raw edges as desired (I used a blanket stitch). As you can see there is a little space in between the pieces.

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-15

Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-16
13. Cut 4 – 3 ½ inch strips from border fabric. Subcut 2 strips to 36” in length and two strips to 23 ½” in length. Sew the 36” borders to the sides, then sew the 23 1/2” borders to the top and bottom using ¼ inch seams.


Quilt, bind and enjoy!

  Better Than Mistletoe Table Runner-17


yay, Julie!!! LOVE love love this!!!

Let Julie and I know if you make this fun table runner!! wow!!!



isn't this a fun quote???

{credits: Paislee Press and TaylorMade Lemonade Stand, Jennifer Labre's Beloved, and the tree template from Sue Cummings and Vicki Stegall's 52Inspirations {christmas inspired}}


Ohhhh I'm super excited to share other tutorials Julie has done!! Check out her link here to her TUTORIALS from her blog!

and I just have to share some of my favorite fabrics that she has in her store…

Rendezvous by Khristian Howell!!


Flora by Lauren and Jesse Jung 


Pear Tree by Thomas Knauer

love!!! (You've probably seen some of these fabrics before from me!! teeeheee!!)


Meet the Gang by Marisa from Creative Thursday

Ohhhhhh this is my latest love…Stay tuned to the blog after Christmas! (Or maybe even before!!)…


…ohhhhh it's getting ready to be something AMAZING!!! 🙂 LOVE!!!


SO I have an exciting announcement!! I"ve been working a lot in my craft studio and I keep finding fun things that I just don't have time to use!! Soooooooo…today, I'm giving away in my Grand Prize giveaway…

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a 5-pack of Kaffe Fasset fat quarters!!!!


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Ohhhhh tomorrow, things may get a little Sheepish around here!! so fun!!!

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