{day 12 – a very merry Christmas to you from sally’s angelworks!!}



And we've made it!! Yay!!

We played for 12 days!! Well, we still have today to play a little!!

If you are like me, you are still wrapping gifts, or frantically shopping, or cooking!! Yep, that's me today…all of the above. Although, I could probably not do any of that and be okay! But we choose to do those things! Our pastor said last week that "the power of the gift is in the sacrifice it takes to give it!" I love that! It's what makes me continue on in this quest for Christmas delight! 

…to add that special touch while wrapping…

…to pick up that last gift that will bring that joyous smile…

…to cook that favorite dish or bake that perfect cookie…


I want it all, yes I do…to experience the magic of Christmas together as a family any way we can. 

And one of the greatest ways we do that is through music!! Tonight we will be having our special Christmas Eve service at our church. It actually is replacing our regular Sunday service. And we will be singing, praying, listening to the Word, eating and fellowshipping with our "family"! And one of the things we are doing as a family (the 6 of us) is singing a special song. It will be our gift to the church.


Check out our two Christmas CDs!! (links below!)



Find our albums here:

Brazos River Turnaround on CD BABY


Brazos River Turnaround on iTUNES



It wouldn't be a true 12th day without a little tute for you!!

So here is an awesome tute on how to make quick tags for your gifts!!!


Run over to Oscraps and pick up Leora Sanford's Christmas printables set!

Check out what you can do with these!! (keep in mind that my printer was running out of black ink, but you can print these in color or black and white! Color is much more fun!!)


the circle tags are perfect for doubling up the fun!


grab a scallop punch and cut your row of tags down so you can fit that punch in there!


punch the joy circles, too!


put tape on both sides of your tags and put your baker's twine on the tape on one side!


put a joy circle on the back of the to.from tag!! The tape on both sides keeps the twine in there! so coool!!

fun, quick and awesome, huh????




fill in the back of your tag and add it to your present!!!



What about these tags? Do you have any metal embellishment tags in your stash???

Write Merry Christmas on one side and stamp a little poinsettia on there!

write who it's from with another poinsettia stamp on the back side!! Add it to your gift!! We gave this to our sweet hostess last night at a party we went to! It was super fun!!! 🙂 And since I had made the bag earlier, the wrapping on this gift was SUPER FAST!!! yes!!!

want to see some FREE downloadable tags???

There is a phenomenal site that has a bunch linked!! Ohhhh my goodness, I almost lost it with excitement!!

Creature Comforts: go here to get links to a BUNCH of free tags!!!

Here are some that I printed out!!


and finished on the gift??




I haven't cut these out yet, but I can't wait to use them!!! Soooo fun!!!

Let me know what you print out and use!! super fun!!



I just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you this Christmas season. Each and everyone of you readers are important to me…but you are even more important to God. So important that He sent His Son down to become a little baby in a manger.

He grew in stature and started His ministry at age 30. For three years, He healed the sick, the blind, the dumb, and spread the word of Love…His gospel…his undying love. That love that people sing about at Christmas time is a life-changing love.

It is a love that was nailed on a cross…a love that died and was separated from His Father…a love that took on the sins of you and me.

This very love is being poured out on you right now! You may not even know it or hear it. But it's there.

I encourage you to listen a little closer to the sounds of the season…the arms of Jesus are there to wrap around you…His song is singing over you!! and if you listen even closer, you'll hear his voice!! Because you know what…His sheep can hear His voice and tell it is Him…

and here's what He's saying and singing over you…


…and i do, too!!

Merry Christmas!!


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