{day 11 – wrapping it all up!!}


Two more days!!! Eeeeeek!! Do you have all of your shopping done?? Do you have all of your wrapping done???? I think I better not tell you that the answer to both questions for me is NO!!! wow!!! Time to get moving, huh???

This morning, I want to show you a very fun (and quick!!) way to wrap up a gift!! In the time that you get out your wrapping paper, find the Scotch tape (never findable in my house!!!), find a suitable box, wrap said box and get the tag all written, you could have had two or three of these awesome decoupaged boxes filled and tagged for your loved ones!!

Let me show you how to make one of these:



Decorative boxes from craft store

acrylic paint

paint brushes

decoupage glue

deco fabrics

little girlies to help you (optional!!)




Get your desired paint colors and a paper plate and pour a little paint on the plate.


With a paint brush or sponge, paint the entire outside of your box. You can paint the inside, too, if you want!


I actually poured the paint directly on the box…it got a bit messy (aren't my thumbs the greatest??? I call them ET thumbs…LOL!!).


My girlies loved this project!!





They both chose to paint the inside of their boxes!! Teeeheeee!! 

Let your boxes dry before you do the next step.

WHile you wait, eat a couple of fun sugar cookies your neighbor brought over to you!!


Cut out the decorative part of the fabric with pinking shears (or a rotary cutter…whatever look you want to have!)

"Paint" decoupage glue on the back side of your fabric. I did this on top of my box where I am going to spread decoupage glue all over it anyway.



Turn your fabric over and straighten it out on your box exactly where you want it. Rub all of the bubbles out of it! Looking good!! (and so fast!!!)


"Paint" decoupage glue all over your box. You can use glossy glue if you want it to shine. Mine is matte.


Make sure you cover the entire box, especially the fabric part!! 🙂

Let dry, grab tissue paper, wrap little gift in tissue paper and put in the box…Voila! You've got a wrapped gift! yay!

And the cool thing is you can use it year after year! It will last way longer than gift bags!!

Check out this blue one I made 14 years ago!! I made it about two months before Christmas as I was about to have my son in the beginning of Nov (1997!!!). This one uses paper images! Paper and/or fabric work great!


So fun, huh???


Since that tute was a little short one, I have another to share!!

So, I was shopping in the mall earlier this week (yep, i'm a glutton for punishment, although the word hadn't gotten out that the mall opened early! I was there with the workers and the walkers…totally awesome!!) and I went into one of my fave inspiration stores, Pottery Barn. They had most of their Christmas stuff on 50%. Love that! Check out the wrapping stuff I got for wine!


Here are three bottles in our wine stash…


Aren't those the cutest wrappings???????

Mr. Gorgeous gave me two new bottles of wine for our anniversary Thursday, and he had them wrapped in the little chef apron and hat and the scarf and hat!! Sooooooo cute!!

But really, it was the Joy to the World bag that inspired me. 

Here's my take on it!!



muslin (unbleached looks awesome!!) cut into a 30"x11" rectangle

holiday rubber stamps

Pigment ink or archival ink




Fold the fabric in half and sew up the sides. If you want to sew your ribbon into the seam, fold your ribbon in half and match the folded end to the raw edges and make sure that the ribbon is in the seam!


Fold your bottom corners in to make triangles.


Sew about two inches up (this pic is only one inch, but make it two…you'll like it better!) all the way across! Makes a neat pleat. Do this on both sides of the bottom of the bag.


Turn the bag right side out and fold the top raw edge inside about 1/2 an inch. Press it down. 


Fold it over again about an inch and press!


Sew close to that first folded edge. 

TIP: The Pottery Barn bag started as a longer rectangle…about 36" x 11" and the second fold here was about 3.5". I tried it both ways and I think I like it with a bigger hem, too. Try it both ways! 🙂


If you didn't sew the ribbon in the seam, at this point, fold the ribbon in half, open it and sew it on the seam at the middle fold.


Using pigment ink, stamp your images onto the middle of your bag!!




To set the ink, turn your bag over and iron it on the back side of it!


And you have a bag!!! And you didn't have to pay the 7$ I did for the one from Pottery Barn!! 🙂

So fun!!





Ohhhhhh I have to share this other fun gift wrapping from Pottery Barn…

This has to be my fave!!


Okay, again, the scotch is from Mr Gorgeous's stash!! (don't tell him I messed with it!!)


Aren't those hysterical????


soooo cute!!!!


Check out these sites for more wrapping ideas!!

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Such fun ideas!!!



Don't forget to comment!! It's going to be a big giveaway! And I will run Mr Random on Christmas evening!! So you only have two more days!! eeeep!!

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