{sooo many blessings…}

It's up, it's up!! Super excited about my latest quilt tutorial which is up on Riley Blake's Cutting Corners College!! Here are some shots of my darling quilt which I am keeping!! yipeeee!! Mr Gorgeous was adorable when he asked, "Do we get to keep this one? It's beautiful!!" I said, "yep, this one is for us!!!" We love to celebrate our blessings and what we are thankful for, for sure!! What better way than this quilt??







Go HERE to read how to make one for yourself!! Yay!!!


And my Delighted Party giveaway is closed. I will be announcing the winners tonight here on the blog with my first Quilt Market post, which will be filled with delicious pictures!! yipeeee…I had the greatest time this past weekend, but boy, am I tuckered out!! (I say that with the biggest Texas accent I can muster!! LOL!!!) 


If you missed the Delighted party giveaway, be sure to check back here on Thursday! I will have a new giveaway posted…something very special and near and dear to my heart!! 🙂 yay!!!

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