{renovations…literally & figuratively}


Do you ever think about moving? Some of you probably have done it recently! Some probably haven't done it in a while. A friend once told me that after moving almost every year, after living in the same house for 11 years, she still had that itch to move!

I love my house! If I need a little change, I will just move the furniture around. Or reorganize my craft room. Or change up the mantle. 

But recently, we thought about moving. Nothing drastic…just thinking about buying another house in our neighborhood, moving into it and renting our house out. After really thinking about it and weighing the pros and cons (a lot more cons than pros came up, thank goodness!!), we thought about what we would have to get done to the house just to rent it out. 

…then we decided!! We wanted to do those things to the house and then stay in it! Why wait until someone else can reap the benefits??


So, that's where we are…4 days before Thanksgiving…and we are hosting Thanksgiving…did I mention that? 

That's how we roll…give us a deadline and we will make it!!

Speaking of deadlines, the last of my advent calendars have been whipped up, wrapped, and mailed out!! (If you have one in this last batch of orders, you WILL receive it by Wednesday at the latest! yay!!)


I love these! And I loved every minute of creating them!! That is such a wonderful thing! What a blessing!!

Anyway, back to my craziness at home. I wanted to share a couple of wild before/during pics for you, so I can share the after!! (yay! another source of accountability! It will be done by Thursday!!)

{I know…a hair blurry, but the piano in the kitchen??? pure awesomeness!!}

Previously, this was our music room (thus the pics of the kids on their instruments), but it will again become our dining room!


Mr Gorgeous's man cave!! so weird empty!!


my craft studio in disarray!! ohhhh, at this point there wasn't any room for all of this stuff (and the stuff in the bottom of the closet!! eeeeeek!!) in our living room…but the flooring guys found room in every nook and cranny of our downstairs!! I'll post an empty pic tomorrow…


our master bath…it will be tiled!! and I picked the tile at the flooring store…and it matches PERFECTLY!! (thanks, God, for the little things!!)


Our stairs will be completely redone with wood laminate! I think I'm most excited about this!!


uhhhh, yeah…the living room. It doesn't get a new floor…just new furniture and a new purpose! I'm sooo going to love the before and after of this room the best, I think!! (It's a little more full now with my studio throwing up on this room, too!!)


So after all of these chaotic pictures, let me share just a little beauty with you to finish the post!!


While cleaning out my closet of my hanging clothes, my wedding dress made a beautiful appearance!! I adore this!!!


This December, Mr Gorgeous and I will have been married for 20 years!!! *sigh* and I'm even more in love with him than ever!! ♥


My sheep are ever my reminder that I'm being cared for amidst all of the chaos!! yay!!!


and last, but certainly not least, my darling Emma turned 12 today…my third child is soooo beautiful, and she's growing up just a little too fast for this momma!


Super excited to announce as I close up this post my 12 days of Christmas posting is coming!!!! yipeeee!!!

Be sure to visit back here everyday starting December 13th with a new somethin' somethin' each and every day!! Tips, techniques, products, and wonderful projects for you to read about and join in with me!! How fun is that???

Thanks for praying for me and my family during this chaotic, yet VERY blessed time!!! 

(ps: all digi elements here in this post are from Danielle Young's Give Thanks Word Art)

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