{quilt market- take 1}


Okay…are you ready for some fun, fun pics and maybe a couple of stories????


Here we are with Angela, Julie's Moda rep looking at all the fun new lines!! Brooke and I really helped Julie spend a lot of money! Aren't we the best friends?

We didn't spend enough of her money at Moda, so we had to go over to Andover and help!!!

Here are some awesome quilts from the Andover booth…


Lizzy House's Outfoxed

Jane Dixon's Primitiva

Thomas Knauer's Pear Tree

Marisa and Creative Thursday's Meet the Gang (which I have coming to me in the mail right this very moment!!! Squeeeeee!!!)


and of course, here we are spending money with Dennis at Andover…


Just a random pic of Candice and her mom coming to meet us for lunch…I wanted to give you a "little" idea of how big the hall was…okay, this isn't even the quarter of it!! LOL!!!


Here's another view of the hall…again, a miniscule part of it.


Look at the quilting on this quilt!! It's by Carolyn Freidlander! Gorgeous!!!!

Okay, I have a bunch of pics of people…here are some fun Moda people pics…


Here is Brooke with the Sweetwater girlies and their cute, cute booth! Fun!!

Our darling Amanda (right) with Mistress Hoey (left!) 

Aren't those quilts behind them wonderful???? the one on the left is Lucie Summers from her Summerville line, and the one on the right? Kate Spain's Good Fortune!! yummmy!!!

Add in one Kate Spain (and Amanda being her goofy self bending down! LOL!!)

Add in my goofy self, because really I love to be the center of attention!! LOL!!!!! These girlies are all soooo sweet and nice!! Just like you thought they were…

Here are my funny paparazzi pics of Thomas and John…every good quilter needs a little paparazzi to keep them humble!!


too fun!! 🙂

But you all wanted to hear the best story of all, didn't you???

okay, here it is!!

We walked up to Valori Wells' gorgeous Karavan booth and just gawked at the beauty. And then someone (either Brooke or Julie) said, "ohhh look! Ty Pennington is here!!!" Sure enough, Ty was standing there next to Valori with his "posse" all around him. He was talking to another quilter about  his show and I sort of started walking up toward Valori. Now I met her back in May when Elliot was making his rounds at Spring Market. Valori was gracious enough to take a picture with Elliot. (for that story, go to Amanda's blog here!!!)

Anyway, as I approached Valori, she turned to me and the crowd and said, "I bet she wants her picture with Ty, too!!" In my quick-witted manner, I replied, "No, actually I want my picture with you, Valori, but if Ty wants to be in it, he most certainly can!!" Ohhhhhh the response I got from that was wonderful!!!!

and here is the picture!!! (thanks, Julie, for taking it!!)

Aren't we all gorgeous??? And if you can take your eyes off of Ty for a second, look at Valori's skirt! It's made from her new knits…soooo cute!!!!

…and that's just the beginning…stay tuned all week for more updates!!! And tomorrow, get ready for another giveaway!! yipeeeee!!!

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