{fall quilt market – take 2 + a giveaway! yipeeee!!}

Ready for some more pictures and a fun giveaway????? 

I know I am…


On Saturday, we got the wonderful chance to hang at lunch with Amanda and all of her girlies that were here!!


This is such a wonderful group of ladies!!!! and I am proud to call every one of them my dear friends!! β™₯

This cafe is in the middle of a huge park in downtown Houston. And I think the food is pretty tasty, too! Julie and I even went back on Monday for lunch. 

Here are some of the views around the cafe…



These pictures are supposed to entice you to come to Houston next fall!!! Who would want to miss this gorgeousness?? If you come in the winter, this particular lake is turned into an ice rink. My kids skated there all winter last year…tooooo fun!!

Okay, back to the quilts…and the people…


I adore this pic of Khristian Howell and Julie! Khristian designs for Anthology!! Such gorgeous designs!!! Super excited to be showing some off here at the blog in the VERY near future!!! 


I know this is a little dark, but I just had to include this fun pic of me and Julie as we are riding the cool elevator in the parking garage!! teeeheee!!!


Another pic of part of Amanda's team…and a random lady, who I'm sure is very nice. BTW, we truly missed you other team girlies, Steph, Jana, Jackie, and Johanna!!! :) 


I adore this picture even though my mouth is open!! I love this fearless leader of ours!!! Such a wonderful friend!! β™₯


Speaking of Amanda, guess what she bought while we were at market????? Yep, I'm gonna have to get on over to SLC to play with her … and her GAMMILL!!! wow!!!


I got to try one, too, and yep, they are pretty phenominal!! Unfortunately, I don't have a cool basement to put one in, so I didn't buy one…sigh!!! (like that's the only reason I didn't buy one!! eeek!!)

Here are some fun pics of Amanda's new line, Delighted from the Riley Blake booth!!!






and a few others from Riley Blake…

I love this panel!!! I may have to make a few of these!!!

Cute cute Fox Trails from Doohickey Designs…


I sooooo want to make that hexie quilt!!! LOVE!!!

Now, as I was randomly walking the show, I remembered that I didn't take as many pics as I would have liked back in SLC in May. So I tried to take a bunch more pics of just quilt designs and patterns that inspired me…



The new Dear Stella booth…


isn't that a fun quilt???? I love the circles + the white space!! yay!!


(sorry about the blurriness…I am adverse to using a flash!!)

Birch…love!!! that teepee is awesome!! and the quilt even better!

Here is Carrie from Such Designs. Her mom was a cutie just like her. Julie and I had to grab patterns from her booth!! One may end up being made up and under the tree for a certain little 9yo in my house, but I'm not telling which one!! πŸ™‚ I thought the mat behind her would make a cool way to focus on big patterned fabric (Lark, anyone???)…Can't wait to try it!!


Again, sorry about the blurriness!! I took this pic of Kaffe Fassett (yes, the very one!!) and then asked him if I could take his pic. He said yes, but he wasn't going to look at me because of the darn flash. I told him I didn't use a flash…so he looked at me!! (see below!)


(guess I should have used a flash!! LOL!!) Love his fabrics…I have several in my stash just waiting for brilliance to hit…okay, really they are waiting for me to have TIME!!! eeeeek!!

Here's the outside of Ty's booth…

and the inside…



I am in love with the medallion stamp he used!!! I have one very similar that I may have to figure out how to incorporate in a quilt with his fab fabrics!! πŸ™‚


Julie with the ever-so-sweet Tina Givens. She told us of the story of Pernilla's Journey (with which I have many projects going!!) and it was so sweet!! I teared up, as I usually do when hearing a good story…it had to do with a wonderful childhood book that she had forgotten about until her children got it out to read. I just love it when designers tell you "the rest of the story."

Here I am at the Houston Modern Quilt Guild Meetup Saturday night at the Hilton!! IT was sooo much fun!!! I'm with Julie (Jaybird quilts) and Kelle (Ann Kelle)!! Don't we look happy??? A party will do that for me!! πŸ™‚

If you want to see all the pics I took from the meetup, go to the HMQG group pics here!!

Okay, I am gonna save some stuff for a post this weekend!! 

BUT before I leave you, here is an extra special little somethin, somethin for you!!


Here I am with sweet, sweet Lynette Anderson! I love this girlie!! Her embroidery designs and little patterns have been inspirational to me for a long time. As a matter of fact, a while ago (long while ago!) I picked up a book from somewhere…I don't even remember where…and it contained a bunch of sweet patterns of angels. I wanted to make every single pattern in there. I haven't make all of them, but I did do this one…


The book is called An Angel's Wish. 

At the same time as I got this book, I decided that I wanted to name my little creating business Sally's Angelworks. I remember it being directly related to the inspiration from this book. 

To make my story longer (teehee), I grabbed this book off of my shelf this past June and I realized that Lynette Anderson was the author!!! I had just met her in SLC! How fun is that? So I posted on her blog and she responded right away!! (What a darling!)


This time I met her at sample spree buying these cute little buttons off of her table and then when we went to her booth in Market, we reconnected again! While we were talking, she just happened to pull out a couple of copies of this book, saying that she had extras and was giving them away! Well, of course, I have my very own, but Julie got one signed just for her. And then I realized I could give one away right here on my blog!!!


So I have a autographed copy of An Angel's Wish by Lynette Anderson to give away. Because I have a busy week this next week, I'm going to leave this open until Monday, November 14th at midnight!!

You have three chances to win!! (Please leave a comment for each thingie you do!! thanks!)

1. Comment here on your fave picture in my quilt market posts!! (yes, it's okay if everyone says it's the one with Ty!! LOL!!!)

2. Follow me here on my blog!! (the follow button is on the right sidebar! :))

3. Like my facebook page!!! You are going to want to do this anyway, since I have a new pattern that is about to come out in two weeks that will be FREE for all of my facebook likers!! πŸ™‚

Okay, tune in tomorrow for more excitement…I may take a break from QM pics and do something a little different…depends on if I get these cute little rabbit costumes sewn…hmmmmmm….


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