{there’s no place like home!}

Yep, I'm home…home from a wonderful trip to California with Mr Gorgeous. I really could not help but smile the whole week I was gone! I had such a wonderful time!! I have a slew of wonderful pics to share with you! Can't wait!! Here's a sneaky peek…







But alas, it's time to get back to work!! What am I working on, you ask???

Special thanks to my mom for taking care of the precious ones!!! Here's a pic of them from this last week…I don't think they missed me!! (I think Quentin positioned himself off the edge on purpose!!)


So today, first, we are doing school…well, not yet! I'm kind of letting them sleep in a little bit this morning, while I get my bearings! 

Then, after I get things going, it's time to whip up some advent calendars!! I am limiting how many I am making this year, so run to my store and order your own customized calendars before I stop making them!! 🙂


Don't forget…I have five more packages of these FREE felt guys so order quickly!!


What other projects do I have going??? well, I'm going to keep them a secret for now so i can actually finish them!!! 🙂

But I will tell you this…

You will not want to miss the party THIS WEDNESDAY right here on the BLOG!!!!

in honor of the launch of Amanda's new fabric line, Delighted!!!


Don't forget to expect something WONDERFUL to happen today!! It's Monday, after all…

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