{sneaky peeks, quilting, digital scrapbooking, and pure joy}


Wanna see what I'm working on???

just finished this yesterday!! Don't know when I'll be able to share, but you will LOVE it like I do!! 🙂

come on now, that is adorable, isn't it???? Just wait til you see the whole thing!!! Soon, very soon!!

ohhh the lush colors of this line (Pernilla's Journey in Julie's store, the Intrepid Thread) LOVE!!

love love love!! Cora has commandeered this flower…if I go and get little hair clips…I may just do that!


Okay, this isn't a sneaky peek, but it is Jennifer's Little Apples apron!! Didn't it come out sooo cute??? Watch that mailbox, Jennifer!! 🙂

This is for my OStash challenge that I'm hosting over at OScraps!!! 

Love this!!! and you can play, too!! Check out all of the fun FREE details HERE!!

yep, I've been tallying my pumpkin spice latte intake this fall season…this is #5…YUMMM!!

It looks even yummier in my own personal coffee cozy!! did I mention yum???

working on my new photography setting…can't you just see a wonderful Queen Anne arm chair sitting in here??? I'm working on it!

Stay tuned to see more finished projects and my adventures in California next week!! I'm off to play with Julie over at the Intrepid Thread. Hopefully I won't spend all of Mr Gorgeous' retirement in her shop…it will be very hard to maintain self control for sure!!

and one last pic to inspire you!!

 "Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen!"

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    awesome post!!! How do you get so much accomplished??? Have a wonderful time in Cali and I will see you soon ;0

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    Over here from the Intrepid Thread to see your awesome redheaded violin playing wonderfulness. Great blog!

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    Love your blog! Now a follower via The Intrepid Thread!

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    I found you via Intrepid Thread as well and am now a delighted follower. My, what fabulous LEGS you have, my dear!! LOL …

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    I also was sent over by Intrepid Thread and I’m thinking you have beautiful red hair?!

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    I came over from the Intrepid Thread to tell you that you have beautiful red hair just like my niece who I always tell that red heads are very special.

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    great blog, love the apron.

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    I’m visiting from IT!
    Julie says you have lovely red hair – so do my sons!!

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    HAHA!She was right, you do have BEAUTIFUL red hair! My daughter would say, ” Girl, you make it look good!”

    I’m so excited to be a follower. I love music. Cello has to be one of my favorites next to the flute (which my daughter plays).

    The dish soap dress is very cute! Nice job!

    Nice to me you and I’m a follower now, too!

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    Wow, Sally. I am amazed at everything you are involved in (and yet, you still look sane!)I enjoyed your blog very much & joined up to follow you. Enjoyed listening to your Band- love those songs & your original re-do of the traditional hymns. Thanks for sharing!

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    I love your blog. I came here from the Intrepid Thread, and am so glad I did 🙂

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    I came over from IT. Great blog!

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    I’m here from the Intrepid Thread. I want to hear you play the cello!

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    I’m visiting from the Intepid Thread blog. I love your photographs!

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    i’m here from the ‘intrepid thread’ to see if you’re going to play the cello andy time soon. i♥cello music!
    so, i’ve enjoyed reading your posts, all the way down through your past posts. i’ll look forward to seeing your next projects.

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    Hello via Intrepid Thread.

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    I am new to your blog, sent over by Julie. You sound like a fascinating person!

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    goodness you sure are busy. I love your header.
    visiting from Intrepid Thread. Can’t wait to see what is coming up.

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    What a great collection of inspiration!

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    I arrived from Intrepid Thread and glad to stopping by.Beautiful blog.

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    Hopping in from the Intrepid Thread! Lots of cool stuff to look at here too – I really like your new “Photo Op” area. 😀

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    You know the Intrepid Thread sent me! Cute apron and brooch. You’ll need that chair to sit down and rest in…I’m breathless at all the things you are accomplishing!!

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    Hi! I’m hopping over from Julie’s blog 🙂 Love the inspiration!

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    I stopped in via Intrepid Thread… I love your creations, gorgeous!!

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    I’ll bet you’re already plotting your revenge against Jewel! was fun looking at your blog though – you sure are a busy gal. Can;t wait to see your new tute!

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    Love the pictures – especially the apron!! So cute 🙂 Over from Julie’s blog!

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    Hi Sally…I’m visiting from Intrepid Thread. Isn’t Julie great? I saw your post when you went to Round Top. That looked like an amazing day. I think if I got my hand’s on a cutter quilt, I’d have a hard time cutting it up as well. Oh and I’m a new follower. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


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