{summer camp excitement + a giveaway!!}

Ohhhhh you know how I told you about Amanda's Summer camp??? Everyone who bought or won a Glamp kit and created it, hopefully, has sent Amanda their pictures to enter into the voting!!


Well, today is the day to see all of the entries!! Check them out and VOTE over at Amanda's BLOG!! 


And to celebrate, several of us on Amanda's creative team have created our own Glamps!! and we want to share them today, too!! And while we inspire you with our creativity, we want to share the love!! So Amanda has given each of us a little somethin' somethin' to giveaway!!! Make sure you go to Amanda's BLOG to see the entire list of all of our blogs with giveaways today!

So I'm super excited to show off my Glamp to you! All of my fabrics are from Amanda's Sugar and Spice fabrics


The "Lolly" that I created to embellish my Glamp is from a tutorial by Amanda!! She has this very cool tutorial in Lizzie B Crea8ive's Premiere issue of Dream.Live.Create!! (check it out in the sidebar of their BLOG). Be sure and watch her video tutorial. Love love love the Lollies!!!


I created this Glamp for my darling Lillian's room. I have to tell you that when I finished this Glamp, I hung it on the staircase (in our front entryway) and told Lil, "If you clean your room, we will put it up for you!!" Not only did she clean her room, but she kept it clean for several days. This is quite exciting for a 9yo!! 
Here are some pics of her sweet room!!




{did you notice the sweet little curtains in the window? Can I tell you how much i love Amanda's fabric???}


P8101620 P8101632

Totally LOVE this pattern. With Amanda's phenomenal pattern, it's super easy to make, and the results are awesome!!!


This little queen loves it!! 🙂 and I have two other little girlies that want one for themselves, too!! Keep watching here so you see how different my three girlies are!!


Now that I've shown off my Glamp that I've created, I'm going to show you what you can win here at my BLOG giveaway!! 


a GLAMP kit!!!! yipeeee!! 

To win this, just leave a comment here on this post and TELL me what you love about these Glamps!!! 

Be sure and sign up for the newsletter!! August's newsletter will be going out in the next 24 hours and will have a special store coupon! And my latest projects will be in the store in the next 24 hours!

Life is exciting here at Sally's Angelworks! So thrilled you are riding the ride with me! Thanks for the commnents!! 🙂



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    Sal, I’m commenting just to comment. You don’t need to enter me in the contest. Just wouldn’t be fair since I’m on the team. But I LOVE your Glamp! I loved making this, too. They are super fun to make!

  2. Reply

    It looks so fabulous!!

  3. Reply

    Oh my what a cute project and a cute name besides- glamp- sigh, Ilove that you can make this functional item very personal, seems like a great project for your own “quiet” space! Off to check out your links

  4. Reply

    A little birdy told me that your birthday is coming up in a few days!!! Happy early birthday (but I’m sure I will chat with you then too) I’m loving the Glamp!!! I love that you can make a lamp from fabric!!! I never would have thought of that. The possibilities are endless! Yours turned out beautiful!! And your daughter loves it you can tell!!! p.s. I love how you have decorated her room!!

  5. Reply

    I love how the fabric softens the light… just fabulous! Would love to be the lucky winner!

  6. Reply

    I love how these are a great addition to a room, plus add functionality with the light. Would love to win.

  7. Reply

    Just perfect for a darling daughter’s bedroom!
    So pretty!

  8. Reply

    What a cute lamp but they are all really cute that I have seen so far.

  9. Reply

    Your glamp is too cool – perhaps one of my grandnieces would (fight to get) one! each one is a princess, of course — so, would enjoy making my very own glamp Thanks. Oh, I already voted.

  10. Reply

    Your glamp looks great in your pretty daughter’s room! I love the way the patchwork ones glow when lit up.

  11. Reply

    Love your little girl’s room. The glamp looks right at home there!!

  12. Reply

    I love these Glamps because I can customize a lamp to match the room it is going in. Whether it fun & funky or sophisticated & quiet. Love that

  13. Reply

    I love these glamps because they are fully customizable for different personalities and preferences! They’re just so cute. 🙂

  14. Reply

    The thing I love about these glamps is that they are so unique and everyone had some awesome ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Reply

    It’s neat that you can customize the glamps! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  16. Reply

    Love your glamp…the “lollies” are wonderful. I must go and check out that tutorial! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Reply

    I signed up for the newsletter! Can’t wait to see it in my inbox!

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    I’d clean my room too! My glamp is #5. It was so fun to make. I’d love to make two more to go on either side of our master bed. The bedside tables are pretty small and getting the lamp off of them would be so helpful.

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    I love your glamp. The flower on it is fabulous. My glamp is #4. It was so easy to make and I am going to make more.

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    Glamps are the cutest things. So fun. My kids would love these. I just might have some projects ahead.

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    I love the different personalities of the glamps. So nice to make one that is just perfect for someone. Thanks.

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    I have several baby blankets to make and it would be great to make Glamps to match each one.

  23. Reply

    I love how the glamps leave the door open to creativity – as plain or busy as you want!

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    I love how each glamp seems to reflect the personality of the maker. That is the sign of a great project, I think.

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    I love how these are all so individual and creative. Your daughter’s room looks smashing!

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    I just love the freedom of making a glamp to my own preferences… how amazing is that?

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    Your glamp looks so great in your daughter’s bedroom.

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    I love that they can be customized for any room…frills or fairies for little girls, rockets or dinos for boys, fruits for the kitchen, fleur de lis for the dining room and so on. I’d want to do an ancient starmap for our little library area. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    I love your glamp and daughter’s room! What I love about the glamp kits are that you can personalize them to whatever room or mood you want to create, be elaborte or simple..endless possibilities 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win!

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    The glamp is great, but I want to move into your daughters whole room – it is fabulous! My boys are supposed to clean their rooms today. I wonder if promising them a glamp will work…

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    I love the fact that these glamps seem to take on the personality of the maker. How cool is that??

  32. Reply

    your glamp is gorgeous – love the polka dot fabric – thanks or the chance to win a kit

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