{sallyfest – the quilt edition}


so, yep…I had a birthday!! I love birthdays. Even if they make me older. I don't think that bothers me…I haven't decided yet!! Anyway, Sunday I celebrated 42 years, and I'm still kind of celebrating throughout this week!! After all, it's a "Sallyfest" tradition…

The Sallyfest tradition began on my 18th birthday back in 1987 while I was at summer camp at Tanglewood Music Camp in Lenox, MA.  Mail call was the best for me the 8 weeks I was there, because my mom loves to write cards and letters!


The best was when I got a package from her on the Monday before my birthday on Friday.  She actually sent a CAKE in the box!!! Now, you don't leave a cake for 5 days…right? You eat it right away! I kept thinking, let's start celebrating today (monday) and do something special every night until the big event on Friday!!! so we did!!

My fave part was when we tie-dyed t-shirts on one of the nights and then on Friday we wore them!! (there were 5 of us crazy partiers all week!!) At one point, I had this guy come up to me and see my tie-dyed shirt and he said, "Hey! Are you part of that Sallyfest thing?" I looked at him squarely and said, "I'm Sally!!"


Thus began the tradition of Sallyfest!!  Sunday, on my actual bday, I went out to eat with my entire family (LOVE!) and then Mr Gorgeous took me shopping! phenomenal!! Yesterday, I got to shop all day (for school, mind you, but it was still shopping, right?) Tonight, I get to go to music group practice! Tomorrow night, I think there will be some really great cake pops to create!! Wanna come over and join me?

There is this great video on the Amazon listing of Bakerella's Cake Pops book!! Watch it and see how to make them! Isn't she awesome!! 

(all of the above photos from Bakerella's very fun site…don't go there if you are hungry, though!)


So, here's what else has been going on here?? Let me show ya!!

Here's a fun block, or pillow front, or a mini quilt made out of that fun Lizzy House fabric, 1001 Peeps…

What do you think it should be??

Here's my quilt top for the Modern Quilt Guild Habitat Challenge! I'm super excited as to how this came out! It's called Modern Garden. And guess what? It has purple in it!! Yep, I'm growing!!

btw, ignore my "design wall" design. It was a cheap vinyl table cloth from Target (thank God for the clearance bin!!). 

Here is my first block for Cora's quilt…she has given me until next May to finish it. At this pace, it may be for her wedding…which better not be before next May…just sayin'…lol!! This block is from Amy Ellis' book Modern Basics and is my quilt for this month for the Quilting Book Club. so fun!!


Check out what I got from Julie over at the Intrepid Thread!! Perfect birthday fabric, don't ya think????

Be sure and "LIKE" me over on FB so you can join in on the discussion there about this fabric!!! There might just be something in it for YOU!!! :) 


Here is a fun little quilt in process for a contest over at my LQS, Quilter's Emporium! I'm hoping to get it done in time! It's made almost entirely of Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic fabric!! LOVE!!!

 I got a bunch of fun crafting mags for my bday, including this British one, Mollie Makes. I love it! It came with the felt and templates and instructions on how to make this felt flower. I think it came out great! 


I love the purse, too!! Yep, I made it. Sooooo fun!! 



This Happier fabric from Riley Blake just makes me Happy!! :) 

I hope this post has inspired you a little!!

Speaking of Summer Camp, don't forget the Glamp kit giveaway!!! It's going to close soon!!!

Have a wonderful week this week…of course you will!! It's Sallyfest!!

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