{first day fun!}

Yep…first day of school for everyone in our area…

For us, we've had a crazy start this year. The older two kiddos started on separate days and the two youngers (as I like to call them) started today, sorta!! No real school work, but I will show you what we did in just a second!!

First, let's show off the kidlets. 

yep, the obligatory pictures of the first day of school…


Here's the senior last Monday…

and with the tree (we take a pic next to this tree every year!! wow!!)


and the only begotten son…

He started last Tuesday!

He was ready to get to class…


8th grade, here he comes…

and on to the youngers…they started today!!

P8221759 - Copy
Monday is gymnastics day…love this little 7th grader in her team practice leotard!!

(love the matching flip flops!)

P8221753 - Copy

and last, but not least and full of life, our 4th grader!!!

P8221756 - Copy
Can you believe she is that big??? All of them, for that matter…*sigh* 

time passes too quickly!!!


so here is our school project for today, the first day of school!

Our School Closet (which, btw, hadn't been cleaned out for two years! yike!!)

I totally forgot to take the before picture, but I'm sure you can imagine how messy a school closet could look!!!!

and here it is after…

P8221712 - Copy
and the two youngers after we got all of the craziness out of it…

P8221706 - Copy

aren't they fun?

This for me was the victory of the month!! And I will revel in it for a while, for sure!!


Wildness aside, even though I didn't have time to really sit in the craft studio today (*GASP!!!*), I did take some time to take some pictures of some works in progress (WIPs).


This is a quick baby quilt. I'm going to applique some flowers and possibly "put a bird on it!!"

Dontcha just love charm packs??? ADORE!!

P8221725 - Copy

LOOK what I found at Hobby Lobby??? These little guys again!! I grabbed a bunch of the sets to GIVE AWAY!! So stay tuned to the store for the special posted in the Christmas section!!


and my last little secret that I wanted to spill tonight is a little fundraiser I'm doing!!

Our little homeschool is called Brazos Wood Academy, and this year, we are doing a fundraiser for some new books for us this year. We want to raise around 300$ to finish off our book needs for this semester. And one of the products I'm offering for this fund raiser is a new coffee cup cozy!! yay!!! 


This pattern is by my darling twitter friend Ashley from One in the Hand! Special thanks to her for the license to make these!! (she has a bunch in her etsy store…they are soooo cute!!!)

P8221748 - Copy
*iced is good, too!!*

Isn't this cute as a button?? and so functional!! 

I will have these in the store in the next two days!! yipeeeeee!!! 


Happy first day to you!! Did you do anything special on this first day? I'd love to hear all about it!!

Happy crafting!!


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