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Ohhhhhh we had such a fun day on the 4th…even amidst all of the drought conditions we are dealing with (ie…no fireworks…sigh!!), we still had a great time!!!

Here are some of our fave moments that we had:


my nieces' first Fourth of July!! They did great!!!

Our house abounded with teenagers all day…LOVED that!!
 and of course, swimming…

lots of swimming…

did I mention the swimming?

And of course, our yearly tradition of the "Flag Cake"!!

This year I wanted to try something new, so I bought some Fondant. It was interesting, to say the least…


I used the Betty Crocker Super Moist White cake…it was sooooo yummmy!!!!!


and with some fondant, spray icing color, and those little star cupcake thingies, here is my creation:



As soon as I finished decorating the cake, I went out and got into the pool. When I came back inside a while later, the cake had been inhaled!! so I guess it was a hit!! 🙂

So, you thought this was all about me and my fourth of July, but I have to mention my darling friend, Julie, one more time!! She created the cutest flag table runner in honor of the holiday and posted a free tutorial on Amanda's Blog last Friday!!!


Isn't it perfect???? When things settle down here, I'm going to totally make this!!!

Hope your fourth was just as independent and full of fun, laughter and Flag Cake!!!


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