{5 ways a blogging quilter parties…}

It's here!!!! July 8th is here!! I've been planning for this day for a while now!! Yep, even wild artists can plan. And boy, do I have a lot of stuff to share with you! So, no more waiting-Let the partying begin!!

5 ways to party with a blogging quilter:

1. Get a guest blogging gig!!

So I did!! I have a new tutorial over at Amanda's Blog today!! And you will love it…


Learn how to make this very easy, very fun quilt HERE! (lemonade recipe not included!)

2. Have a Theme for your party!

Well, since I have decided to have a party once a month, I have to have a theme! And the best part of that is that I am coordinating that theme with my store and giving you a discount on whatever the theme is that month!!

So this month the theme is…(drumroll, please)…

"Put a Bird On It"

picture and tshirt from Made in Oregon online store

yipeee!!! If you don't know where that comes from, check out this link right here, and be prepared to laugh!! I love it!!

And in honor of this theme, I have discounted everything in the store that has a bird on it down 15%!! Yep, a whole 15%!!! That's an incredible savings right now!! But you better move on it! Because all of these items are one of a kind and won't be in the store forever…because someone is going to buy them at these low, low prices! Or they will go back to regular price! You don't wanna miss a sale, do you?????

Wanna see some of the new items that have birds on them?


Faith Birdie Mini Art Quilt


Organic Bird Mini Art Quilt

Those are just a few of the items!!!

Head on over there to see all of the hoopla!!

3. "Cause we need a little Christmas, right this very minute!!"


It's never too early for Christmas!! You've heard of Christmas in July, haven't you?? Well, to celebrate with you, I've renewed my Custom Advent Calendar listing in the store and added new GORGEOUS fabrics to choose from!! AND I've added FREE SHIPPING!! (If you order before July 31st – hurry!!!)


(candy not included!! teehee!!)

Order your Custom Advent Calendar here!

and more Christmas specials will be coming soon!!

4. Be Social at your party with Social Media and incentives!!

Have you signed up for my newsletter? SIGN UP HERE…painless…I only send out one newsletter a month, and inside, there is a party!! This month, I just sent one out with a free embroidery pattern…


this pattern! πŸ™‚ which goes in the middle of this quilt:

Here's the kicker…If you go and "LIKE" my facebook page, you will receive this whole quilt pattern when I post it in a couple of weeks (I'm going on vacation in a week! why do you think I'm partying so hard here???)

well, since you know my newsletter sign up link and my facebook page link, you might as well follow me on Twitter!! I'm quite prolific on Twitter!! πŸ™‚ And you won't miss any coupons or anything if you follow me there! πŸ™‚ Plus, I always respond on twitter. I'm just that kind of girlie!

5. Don't forget the gift bag…

So, I would be remiss if I didn't have a little giveaway here today! 

Let me preface that by asking if you saw this in the store?


Click on the pic to see what's embroidered on the birds!! You'll never guess!! LOL!!

When I made this, I was actually writing a tutorial on how to do it. It was going to be a free pattern here for a little while…but alas, the pictures got destroyed when someone stepped (it was probably me!) on the little memory disk they were on. I haven't had the time to make it again, but I sure might! πŸ™‚ Would you be interested in that?

But I whipped out an extra lone birdie just so I could give it away!



He's just a little guy, about 5"x5", but very cute indeed!!

And all I want from you is a simple comment here on this post. I'll give you one extra entry if you follow me here on the blog! (right sidebar!) Please make two (and only two) separate entries here! I will draw a winner next Wednesday night, right before I leave for vacation!!

Ohhhhhh, I hope the party has been as fun for you as it has been for me!! There is nothing better than mixing parties with quilting! I'm a little addicted to both…

Thanks for your support and your sweet comments!! You are an inspiration to me, truly you are!!!

Happy quilting!!

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