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you've heard me use that word before! Well, I want to share a quick testimony with you (quick is a relative term, btw!). And it's about my mouth. It's about how God has healed me, how His promises are never broken, and how no matter how my emotions flip flop all over the place, He doesn't change! His love is everlasting!! 🙂

So, about four weeks ago, I went to the dentist after a cleaning to get work done on my teeth. I had this tooth that had bothered me about a year ago and I had prayed and prayed that God would heal it. I prayed that I wouldn't have to have a root canal until I was able to handle it (this is a loaded statement, since really, I knew that I could handle anything with God's help. But the timing for me was crucial, moneywise and committmentwise). 

When I got the tooth worked on, I knew it was pretty bad. And I was pretty sure that if it was messed with, I would need a root canal. But I kept remembering that promise that God would heal me. At the same time the tooth was cleaned up, I had my last wisdom tooth pulled. Yep, I really have to rely on God's wisdom now!! teeheee.. When I went back to check on the extraction site, I told my dentist my tooth was still bothering me…so she opted to go ahead with the root canal.

It's at this point that you can start to think…God didn't heal me. His promise is broken. But God doesn't ever break His promises. I know that God puts dentists on the earth to heal! Especially crazy people like me with bad tooth genetics!! LOL!! I do think God could have completely healed the tooth without the dentist, and in that case, I would have praised His name!!! 

After half of the root canal was done, I had the temporary crown on and it fell off (due to my sonic care toothbrush…don't know what i was thinking…just sayin') Friday night. All I could think was, "I can't lead worship on Sunday!! Everyone will think I'm hillbilly Sally!!" Mind you, it was a back molar, so you couldn't really tell that I was missing the crown…but it still felt funny inside my mouth. 

Flash forward to Sunday morning. I didnt' want to get out of bed. The words "hillbilly Sally" kept going through my head. (Mr Gorgeous said he loved his redneck woman!! thanks for that, my love!! bwahahaahhaahha!!). And a note that a friend had sent me several years before came immediately to mind. She said, "What would you do even if you couldn't open your mouth? You would still praise the Lord, wouldn't you?" My answer is always a resounding YES!!! After that realization, I was super excited to go to church and praise His name! 

Last week, my sweet dentist finished the root canal, placed the temporary back on, the temp came back off (due to popcorn this time!! that's off the list now!) and today, Lo and Behold…I have my permanent crown on!! My tooth is completely healed!! 

…and my first reaction is to Praise His Name!! He is the one who healed me. And I give Him all the glory…

…through song…


I recorded this today!! I wrote this song a while ago and it's based on Psalm 103:1. 

Check out the full band version here:

Bless the Lord – Brazos River Turnaround


 "Bless the LORD, O my soul, 
And all that is within me, bless His holy name."

What is your soul praising today???  

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