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Ohhhhhhh It's MONDAY!! (for an hour more anyway!!)


{image by Namgyae on flickr}

You know I adore Monday. Even today while I was at the grocery store and it started pouring and thundering and the power went out when they were checking me out and on and on…I couldn't help realizing the beauty in that rain. We've been needing rain desperately!! And when it came in a big way, I stood in the doorway of the grocery store and smiled and enjoyed every minute of the downpour (and waited for the droplets to get a little smaller!! teeheee!!) Ohhhh the smell of a gorgeous Texas thunderstorm! So beautiful!

Soooooooo, here's what else has gotten me smiling all day today:

My darling friend, Brooke from Silly Mama Quilts and a girlie from Amanda's Creative Team, has posted a tutorial on Amanda's blog on how to make this very awesome Mug Rug!! 


Learn how to make this here!

Every Friday, check out Amanda's blog for new FREE tutorials from the whole team! love that!!!

I have had a really great couple of weeks of sewing. Last week I finished 5 quilt tops. Today, I did one more!! I can't wait to share all of the pictures, but I haven't taken them yet!! teeheee!!

But I do have a project to share with you!!!

When I was in SLC for Quilt Market, I met the most loveliest (yes, that's definitely correct grammar!!) woman who I had virtually met on Twitter!!

Sweet Jennifer Paganelli from SisBoom. (on the right of me! Deanna is on the left of me!)

She is a doll! and she has written the best book!!


Girl's World

I was sooo super excited to get a signed copy at Quilt Market. And when I got home I really was excited to delve into it. Lucky for me, my darling Lillian loves dresses and would wear them every day, every minute, even for pajamas!! This book is perfect for me and Lil.

So, I was tooling around the internet, going through all of my cards from QM (quilt market), and I happened upon this QM post by Sarah Jane Studios. Scroll down to where you see her cute little girlie dress make from strips with the little gingham bodice. I was completely inspired by that! And I've had this pile of Sugar Pop strips from a jelly roll that I was going to make a quilt with, but it just didn't happen. So I went to the quilt store and grabbed enough fabric for the bodice, grabbed my Girl's World and created this fun dress for Lillian. This is Jennifer's "Mary's Fancy Sash Dress". Enjoy all of these wonderful pictures of Lillian taken by my darling sweet 16yo, Cora! 🙂














In Jennifer's pattern, the sash is a separate piece, but I sewed Lillian's onto the front, first, so that she wouldn't lose it (teehee), and second, to show off the strips! :) 

This is one of the best things about sewing. Having someone love what you've made so much, they won't ever take it off!! (no, we didn't let her sleep in it!! LOL!!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for a wonderful post with some quilt top pictures. 

happy crafting!! and don't forget to find the happiness in every rain cloud!! 🙂


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