{sneaky peeks}

So…I was thinking of what to tell you tonight, and I guess I should preface it by saying that really, I should probably just show you some pictures of some WIPs…remind me later to tell you a fantastic testimony about praising God with my mouth!! 🙂 Suffice it to say, root canals + vicodin + blogging = pictures and not many words!! LOL!!!

Anyway, some WIPs (works in progress):


some of Amanda's Sugar and Spice Laminates!! yummmmy (and VERY easy to sew with!!)!!!

project and free tut to come!! yay!!


ohhhhh have you ever kinda liked fabric and then after doing your project, you love the fabric?? That's what happened with me and Sugar Pop from Moda!! I adore this fabric now!!! Can't wait to share this whole project!!! yipeeee!


I love love love these fabrics!!! And these blocks are all done for a little somethin somethin! I'll definitely reveal it soon!! 🙂

Hope that whets your appetite to stick around until I can keep my eyes open longer to do a whole post!! :) 

and thanks for your prayers (in advance) for my aching mouth! I keep thinking, "This, too, shall pass!!"

Happy Tuesday and happy quilting! 🙂



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