{quiltmarket – take 3}

OHhhhhhh I have to tell you a little story…

Last Wednesday, I flew into SLC and rented a car. I checked into the hotel, went to the convention center and helped Amanda with her booth for a short time, and then I went back to the airport to pick up my darling friend, Julie!

Now, when Julie called to say she was out there waiting for me, she told me she met a new friend on the plane and would I mind taking this friend to her hotel room. I said, no, I wouldn't mind at all! So, I hung up the phone and thought…gosh, I haven't even met Julie!! They could both be mass murderers!! (It was a fleeting thought, of course! they were quilters!! They had to be wonderful girlies!) 

So I got to the terminal, and there they were! And Julie's friend was the famous quilt book writer, Kay Mackenzie!! It was sooo fun to meet her and later at Market, to go to her book signing and get her fab book, 

Front Cover of Inspired by Tradition

Get Inspired by Tradition Here!!

How fun is that????? I for sure cannot wait to use the patterns and create some really great blocks! (I adore applique!!). Thanks, Kay, for being so sweet and for the chocolate!! teehee…


So on Saturday night, Riley Blake hosted an 80s party…and a rockin' 80s party it was!! 

There was a little somethin' about wearing 80s clothes…so of course, I donned my best "Flashdance" gear…



Here are some shots of the band, Solid Gold…and shots of the dancing!!









so fun, huh???? (this last pic is Candice and her mom, Robbie!)

sorry you couldn't see my awesome leg warmers!! Maybe someone else got a stunning pic of them! LOL!!

It was a fantastic fun time!!

The next quilt market is in the fall in …yep…my favorite town…HOUSTON!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can't wait!! ๐Ÿ™‚


until then, check out my spoils from Sample Spree!!






yesterday I went with my sweetie sister-in-law to IKEA…I spent the weekend telling people who came by Amanda's booth about her Glamp pattern!! And about how she will have the hardware on her web site in June!! and how, if you have an IKEA near you, you can get the cord kit for 4$! So when I went into town yesterday, I grabbed a chance to find that cord kit! And I got this fun little 5 piece kit of crocheted flowers that completely match Amanda's Sugar and Spice!! ๐Ÿ™‚

How fun are these???? So fun!!!

so tomorrow…into the craft studio…I've almost gotten back into the swing of things!! 

What are you making or inspired by today?????

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