{quiltmarket – take 2}

Ohhhhhh I hear the clamor for more pictures!!! Can I even tell you how much I adored quiltmarket???? I had such a fantastic time!! 🙂 So, without further ado, more pics!!

Friday morning saw the opening of the show! We had a BLAST playing in Amanda's booth!! Here are pics of HER BOOTH!!!!! (sooo awesome, just like AMANDA!!) Don't forget you can click on the pics to make them bigger!!!






(I cannot wait to make one of these for my Lillian's room!! and when I got home yesterday, we watched Tangled, and I thought, "OHHHHH…the Floating Lanterns are exactly like Amanda's Glamps!! Can't wait to make this!)










So, one of the coolest things I loved about Amanda and her booth was the fact that she included her Creative Team in it!! Everyone of us had something we had created for her in it! How cool is that???? Let me show us off…


Candice's pillow is sitting on Amanda's incredible reupholstered chair!!


Johanna's pillow on the chair…and her matching quilt was over in the Riley Blake Booth!!

Stephanie's little purse hanging on the chair!!

Karrie's pillow with that cool clock in the pocket! 


Jackie's cup and saucer…time for tea!!

Jana's birthday hanging chair sign!! 


Brooke's mugrug placemats… on the table!! 

Julie's swim bag (in the style of a 40's bathing suit!!) made out of those fantastic laminates!!


and my quilt!!!! yes!! My quilt was on display at quilt market!! wow!! I was soooooo super excited and sooooo thankful to Amanda for letting me have it there!! 🙂

Here's a close up of one of the blocks…(I'm soooo stoked that I learned how to free motion quilt! what a snuggly looking quilt!) And the seriously fun thing is that I will have a FREE tutorial up on Amanda's blog soon with the instructions and pattern for this quilt! yipeeeeee!!

What a super talented group of girlies, huh???? I"m sooooo thrilled to be a part of this encouraging uplifting team!! yipeeeeee!!!

I just loved this bicycle in the Riley Blake booth across the aisle from Amanda's booth!!


this is Elliot…pay attention…it's super important that you learn who he is…He is a very important part of the Quilted Fish's booth presence…and a little birdie told me that he got loose in the convention center and had a little adventure…

If you want to see documentation of that adventure, be sure and stay glued to Amanda's BLOG!!! (He promised me he would post pics soon!! 🙂 )


Of course, it wouldn't be quilt market without all of the Quilting Rock Stars…and I got a couple of pics with some of them!! 🙂

Here I am with BariJ with a jacket made from her fabric!! I am loving her new book, Inspired to Sew!! 


Now the girlie on the left is Deanna Pavay. She made the jacket I am wearing! So fun!!! And the girlie on the right is Jennifer Paganelli from SisBoom fabrics and just launched her new book, Girl's World. I adore both of these girlies a LOT!! I first met them on Twitter where I agreed to join an Angel challenge with Dee!! and Jennifer and I watched these eaglets being born together!! We are bonded for life!!


Julie and I got to meet Natalia in person!! Natalia is a fabulous long arm quilter and online shop owner who quilted my sweet Emma's Christmas quilt! (I stole this pic from her blog because mine came out a bit blurry!! LOL!! thanks, girlie!)


Here I am with TulaPink!! so fun!! (don't mind Elliot! He's such a media hound!) I adore her fabric designs! Can't wait to get my hands on some of her new Prince Charming fabric!! 


Julie and I were also star struck with the sweet, kind Amy Butler! And her designs are just gorgeous! 


on Sunday I had about an hour before I had to head back to the airport, and I ran and got in line for Amy Ellis's new book, Modern Basics!! I loved meeting her! Cannot wait to create from all of that 'modern' inspiration!! :) 


Here I am with the QUEEN's CROWN on Sat at Amanda's booth! I think it goes with my hair very nicely, don't you???


Here we are…the three creative team members who got to help Amanda! What a blessing these girlies are!! I had the best time with them this weekend!! 

…there is more…just a little bit…you don't want to miss the flashback to the 80s that I'll be posting tomorrow…(are you singing "Walk like an Egyptian" yet????) 

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