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So here's a quick post for tonight! I have to share (if you aren't virtually friendly with me on FB) pics of my fam that my darling friend, Megan, took this morning!!! 


This is us…totally us!! (click on the pics to see them bigger! :))




my little darlings! and my hottie (below)…



I call this his mafia pic…gotta love him – or else!! LOL!!


isn't she a genius????

So, I just love Megan so much that I found her a stack of fabric at Sample Spree at Quilt Market!! I knew when I saw this stack of fabric from Ellen Medlock, it screamed "make a million things for Megan Rogers out of me!!" 


This morning I gave Megan this little ditty made out of these fabrics just for her!!


Isnt' that camera strap cover soooo fun?????? She loved it!! Sooo excited!! 

Next on the list for Megan? A fun purse for her based on Julie's iPad bag tutorial found here!!

Then a little DS purse for her daughter Megan based on Stephanie's tutorial here!

Don't you think those pics are totally worth it??? yes!!!

Speaking of pictures, Megan, and sewing…I have a very exciting announcement to make! But before I do, I have to admit that I really can't squeal on myself until next TUESDAY!! In the meantime, here's a pic for your guessing pleasure! Yep, this is one of Megan's, too!!

Hope your weekend has been as productive, fun, and beautiful as mine!! 


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    I love your pictures! I hate to say it but all of your kids look just like you…. hard to find a Mr. Gorgeous in there 🙂

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    Your family is beautiful! I love these pictures.

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