{a little excited}

I just put some finishing touches on something I get to share tomorrow…

What am I going to do while I wait for tomorrow?? 



watch DWTS before the finale tonight since I don't know who is actually in the finale tonight…

eat bonbons…

How about I just show you a sneaky peak???

You might be able to guess from that pic…

or how about this one???


aren't we super fun? and sneaky???????

and since we haven't seen enough of my silly mug on this blog today, here's another one of Megan's pics (they all are!! LOL! she's a genuis!) from the photo shoot last Saturday!


the man of my dreams…*sigh*…and I bet he's excited about what's coming up tomorrow…maybe! 🙂

Check back here tomorrow for details!! yipeeeeee!!!


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    I can’t wait to see!!! 🙂

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    Bonbons sound good. So does DWTS. I really want Hines Ward to win. I love him.

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