{thankful…the tools}

I was just pondering the idea of tools the other day. What would we do without tools? Even if you aren't a crafter or a builder or a musician or whatever…you still use tools! Money is a tool; the grocery store is a tool; and in my life right now, my sewing machine is the best tool ever!! 

(the little football sticker has been there since I got it!! {adore})

I am so thankful for this sewing machine. I had to save my pennies like crazy to get this one. Actually this is my third machine I saved my pennies for.


I had my Janome 6500 (my second one…first one I bought new!!) going great guns until Jan 2010. I put it in the shop to get the little scissors button to work (auto cutter…a LIFE SAVER for me!! really, a thread saver!! LOL!), and it fell apart.


I think I wrecked the inside by using canned air to clean it out. I dunno…But the good thing was that I had already put 300$ down on another machine for my girlies to use and for me to have as a backup in case of issues like this, so my LQS owner made a deal with me for this machine. *sigh* I adore this machine!!


And the tools that come with this big tool are phenominal! Like this walking foot…perfect for straightline quilting (although my straight lines are horrible…but I'm okay with that right now!)

Love the word "Professional" on there…like it really makes me one!! teehee…oh yeah…I am!! LOL!!

 And thread…sooooo thankful for thread. This is my fave kind for my machine! Machines are finicky about thread. But mine really really adores So Fine by Superior! I got three cones of Ivory Thread at Quilt Festival on sale at the Superior booth…*sigh* I love a good discount! And that (above) is my second cone!!

Look at all the stitches I can do…tools…they are awesome!

notice how my laptop fits right next to my sewing machine! Perfect for DVD watching and sewing! I love my tools…

What kind of tools are you using right now? {Stay tuned for a fun post of pics of musical instruments next!! LOL!!!}

And…as a bonus, I'm gonna show you what I got at my LQS today…you'll never believe…PURPLE fabric!!


isn't it gorgeous??? I got a Sugar Pop Jelly Roll and 5 fat quarters of Kate Spain's Central Park! and I grabbed some of Moda's Bella Solids. 


And my darling Lillian turns 9 tomorrow, and she is having a Fairy Party on the 13th, so I'm going to make little gift bags made from this wonderful Moda fabric by Ingrid, her Ballerina Fairies line…ADORABLE!! 🙂 (stay tuned for a cool post all about her tomorrow!! she has quite the story to tell!!)

Okay, I have a rehearsal to get to tonight…Wanna hear what we sound like?

Check us out here:

Brazos River Turnaround on CD Baby

(Here, Lord is my personal fave!!)

And we'll be a the New Light CoffeeHouse on March 19th at 8pm! so fun!!

Enjoy your week!!! 🙂

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