{nine-a preview}

she's nine years old today…


my wild one…as I fondly call her!

We are documenting our day with pictures and videos. I'll share a big post at the end of the day, but for now, she's nine!

want to see how she started? (no video of her birth…yike…that'd be scary!)

Go check out her own personal web site at 


She's amazing…and she's nine!

More about Sally Keller


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    Happy Birthday!

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    Truly miraculous! Happy Birthday Lillian, I do hope you have a wonderful day. And Sally, what can I say? Your daughter is such a credit to you & Mr Gorgeous, you must be so proud of her & all she’s achieved … and rightly so. Bless you all on this very special day!

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    Happy birthday to her! She’s so gorgeous!

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    I just skipped over and read the ‘miracles’ page on her web….. wow is all i can say and wow again… have a fab day and hug that precious bundle=)

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    She’s adorable! Happy Birthday!!

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