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Yep…today we celebrated…we celebrated life, we celebrated 9 years of life! 9 years ago today, we went through one of the hardest things ever…we lost a child…for a minute. Then she was back again…thanks to a string of miracles! But we didn’t know how much she would recover from her brain injury…or even if she had a brain injury.

So today we celebrated the wildness that is Lillian!

(To see just how normal she is, here is her video from this morning: Click HERE!)

So, when I was little, when my momma would put me to bed, we’d pray together and we’d tell each other our Do-Todays. Those were the things we did that day…so in honor of mom, we are going to go through Lil’s Do-Todays!! mainly through pictures…we had quite the day…I’m wiped…she’s doing pretty well (sound asleep!!! LOL!!)


She got all dressed for the day…she knew exactly what she wanted to wear…her birthday dress from last year! Love it! She did a little math (wasn’t really focused, so I gave her the rest of school off!), watched a little Phineas and Ferb, then got ready to go…


Off to pick up Daddy for lunch!

{love mr gorgeous}

to Chili’s we go!!


I beat her at tic-tac-toe twice and the cat got the third one…I just had to add that in there, since it doesn’t happen very often!


Love Chili’s…

love this girlie more!!


and they brought her dessert…and we sang…loudly! love that Lil loves that!



Then we dropped Daddy off back at work and went to the Health Museum, Lil’s fave museum!

Lil being a raindrop going down the water cycle…

Lil’s brother getting eaten by a giant mouth! Love the Health Museum…

From here we went to Target and bought a gob of stuff, then to drop Emma off at the gym, then to pick up a cookie cake, then to pick up daddy, then to Lil’s fave restaurant…

{insert pic here}

photobucket is down, so no McD pics, but you can check out my FB (right sidebar link) and see her in the drive thru…so adorable!

Then we went to her rehearsal…she’s in Princess and the Pea…

and they sang Happy Birthday to her…and we ate cake…


(the birthday kinda got smooshed…)


She rehearsed, we went by a friend’s house and got some presents (thanks, Morgan!!), went by Opa’s and gave him a birthday hug (and scammed two thin mints, but we’re not telling!!!) and then went home!!!

Lil got to open her BIG present from momma and daddy at home immediately!!


 recently she’s been borrowing Emma’s Razor scooter to ride around!

She got her own!!! She was very very happy…

then Lil rode her scooter insde for a couple of short trips (with the helmet of course!), went upstairs, played with her Target Rapunzel (Tangled) toys and then went to bed!

What a day…

I’m exhausted…

even more now that I typed all that!! LOL!!

But I’m still celebrating…celebrating 9 years…and we will be celebrating a lot more with her! Thanks to God and his miracles…*sigh*

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    What a great Lillian birthday day!! Love that you captured it in photos and shared…how blessed is your family that God chose to let her experience life on this earth. Bless her, and you Sally!!!

  2. Reply

    What a wonderful birthday! Thank you for sharing your pictures, you all look so happy (which makes me feel so happy, too 🙂 )
    My favorite picture is the one where she opens her presents and sees her new scooter. Makes me remember my birthdays 🙂

  3. Reply

    What a great day. That is fabulous. How special! It will be a birthday she remembers forever!

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    We came close to losing our girl, too, but not that close. I had to have a c-section, because the cord was wrapped around her neck twice. Then, she had to be on O2 for 11 hours, because she couldn’t keep her sats up. But all was well in the end. We are grateful every day that she is here with us. I know you feel the same!

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    Oh thank you for sharing! I too have a miracle guy, he is only 6. We too had a rough start and still a bit delayed, but oh the progress! I am hopeful about what I can write about when he is 9! Hooray for Lillian – hug and enjoy her! Fun, fun age!

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    Looks as though your sweet little girl had a wonderful birthday! Thanks for letting us share in it via the photos! 🙂

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    She is adorable!! Glad she had such a wonderful birthday – This whole post just made me smile 🙂

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    she is adorable sally, and yes what a day! I loved reading this, you are a wonderful mum, she is your wonderful little lil..
    how sweet!


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