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I am sooo impressed with this fun team that I'm on!! This week's tutorial was posted last Friday and it features Johanna from Jona & Lili and her Diamond baby quilt! Omgosh, I can't even imagine matching up those seams, but she makes it seem so easy!! 

Check it out right here at Amanda's Blog!! yipeeeeee!! wtg, Johanna!! (Be sure to check out her blog and follow her!! she has a fab giveaway going on right now!!!)


So what have I been up to? So much, and yet, still maintaining my balance!! Nope, I haven't had any caffeine in 4 weeks!! (I have had chocolate…just admitting that out loud…it's all about being real, people!)

First of all, the last Project Quilting challenge was issued, completed and is now up for voting!! PLEASe, PLEASE go vote for me!!! Go HERE and look on the left sidebar and click next to SALLY'S ANGELWORKS then click VOTE!! 

Here is my springy project and my story that I posted with it:


Ohhh I went totally traditional and true to my simple aesthetic with simple squares and with the focus on the spring quote from Shelley:
"And Spring arose on the garden fair;
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;"
Had to add a bird and buttons to add to the vintagy feel of these Moda fabrics (3 sisters Faded Memories).

The flower petals were glued on with fabric glue in the shape of a bluebonnet (since I'm in TX and we're in that season now! yipeee!!) I free-motion quilted all around on the top and bottom and FMQ the grass/leaves/stem on the bottom of the flower. I know that I tend to not do things perfectly, but the wonderful thing that I've learned through this process is to keep creating with your heart! This always produces something that I love! Which is the point, right?

made in TX…22.5"x26"




It's sooo me, isn't it??? love love love that quilting!! Totally excited about learning how to do that!!

Please, please vote!! I want to go out in style!! LOL!!


So the fam went out to take pics in the bluebonnets…we were about 10 days early according to the guy at the state park we always go to. But we eeked out a couple good pics in this very little patch in the park. I'm thinking of scamming the kids for a day trip back out there in two weeks…we'll see. It takes about 5 hours total to make the trip, so like i said…we'll see! In the meantime, enjoy these two pics!! LOL!!



{love that man!! you knew I'd say that, didn't you???}


 So I'm seriously nesting…It's like I just want to repaint the whole house and buy all new furniture and completely redo every window, painting, everything!!! Spring Fever is bad here!!! LOL!! Instead of spending all of our money doing all that, I'm just going to go room by room and cull through stuff and restyle each room. And of course, I had to start in the craft studio! 

I have a friend who blessed me big time this last weekend, and she said, "go buy something for only yourself!!" Most moms don't listen to advice like that, but I surely didn't want to dissapoint my friend! LOL! I ran out to Pottery Barn and bought this very very very cool galvanized steel three tiered stand! It could only be for FABRIC, right???



Here are some other fun things in my craft studio!!


and my craft studio…the bigger picture…





I adore this room!! 🙂


And for my latest project!! My mom's quilt!! so fun!

I hope to whip out the top by this weekend, and then I can quilt it next week! …again i say…we'll see!! 

this is a no-stress-zone! And because of the Lord's mighty grace on my life, I will stop when I'm supposed to…

As a matter of fact, I'm off to the Museum of Fine Arts with the kids to see the latest Impressionist exhibit from the National Gallery of Art…soooooo fun and inspirational!! 

(stay tuned to see my latest charity quilt…i think it turned out beyond my expectations! yipeee!!)




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