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Ever wake up in the middle night and think about the darkness all around you? Then you go back to sleep and wake up in the morning, and the wonderful sun is shining through your window; you are all of a sudden filled with HOPE!! That light makes all the difference.


I have a dear friend, Bev, who is on a journey…well, several, actually! She has been creating and blogging every day for the last 82 days!!! She has a goal to do something creative and blog for 100 days straight!! And while she is on this blogging/creative journey, she has another journey that she is traveling. She was recently diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer. She has undergone several surgeries and now only has radiation to finish her treatment.

Breast cancer is one of those things that I fight with prayer and creativity. So for my darling friend, Bev, I made a little mini quilt using a Moda Pink fabric charm pack. I also used Candice's tutorial from Amanda's Blog. It was fairly easy to adapt it to using a charm pack. I had other pics, but my SD card in my camera died somehow! I'm not telling how many pics I lost *sob*! But Bev was kind enough to take a couple of pics for me!! :) 


and here is one of the quilt in her front hallway! (what a sweetie!!)

(I used a vintage action on the pic…LOL!! couldn't resist with that fab lamp!!)

Thanks, Bev, for your dear friendship, your amazing creative inspiration, and for letting me pray and create for you!! hugs!!


I had another darling friend order a custom project from me. This was such a fun project!! My friend, Kate, PMed me a picture of a set of frames she wanted, and then she showed me some fabric that she wanted mini quilts made from for the frames. The wild thing??? I had the fabric in my stash…although I had used most of them for some FUN Camera Strap Covers!! And then I remembered another darling friend, Megan, who also had this fabric in her stash!! ohhhhh yeah, baby!! and we were ready to sew!


{the frames}

and the process…





can't wait to share a pic (hint, hint, Kate!! LOL!!) of the quilties in their little frames!! neato!!!


And one last little pic for you…


put a bird on it!

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