nope…not a political statement tonight! LOL!! Although I do believe in voting and do participate in every election I can, this post is about Project Quilting!! LOL!! 

Project quilting

It's time to vote this week!! This is Challenge#3…Here's the challenge:

Now, to mix things up a bit. I am hearing lots about Valentine's Day on the radio and in the ads, so decided we'd work with it for Challenge 3…….with a few twists, of course. After all, anyone can make a Valentine quilt. In Project Quilting, we want something more.

1. The inspiration is Be My Valentine.

2. The main colors of your project will be something other than red or pink. You can use small amounts of red and pink, but the overall color should be something else.

3. You cannot use the word "Valentine" on the front of your project. You may use it in the name if you wish.

And here is my entry:


and my story…

The Story Behind ‘His Love is Everything’

Ohhhh I loved this challenge. The first thing I thought of when hearing the inspiration "Be my Valentine" was a "LOVE" collage. And when I think collage, I think linen and lace and gorgeous neutral fabrics. I have had these fabrics laying around my craft cutting table waiting for me to make something out of them for about four weeks now! (I'm going to make a scrap wreath out of the rest of the 1.5" strips! fun!). I recently saw on Joanna Figueroa's blog (Fig .Tree & Co) a pillow using squares across like this and totally wanted to use that design idea as a frame for my collage. The quilting was purposefully random straight lines horizontally across the bottom of the quilt to mimic the straight line of the little squares.


I absolutely LOVE using paper scraps in my quilt collages, and here I've used a page out of a shorthand textbook, several random pictures (from Artchix…love that art site!!), and words cut out of pages from old novels. (I got those from a vintage supplier on Etsy…very addictive!!).


The words I chose to highlight on the quilt started out with just "Love is everything". But today while I was driving, I couldn't get this song out of my head (Christie Nockels – Song of the Beautiful) that says "He loves me…the broken and the beautiful…He loves me". It made me think that really for me, HIS love is everything. So I added that word today! 🙂


The transparency with music printed on it is also from ArtChix. And of course, I added lace and buttons. For the fabric heart, I ironed on interfacing then sent the fabric through my Big Shot and cut out the cool heart. I sewed around it slowly using my machine. I'm learning…it's good for me, for sure!! LOL!!

I just want to mention that the folds in the heavy linen were a problem for me and frustrated me. I tried every technique to get them out (yep, I froze my quilt!! LOL!), but alas, this heavy duty linen had been folded up in my craft studio closet for a long, long time! (years…*sigh*) and the folds will just have to add to the collage/art effect. Not an excuse…just an explanation. 🙂


Thanks for taking time to look and comment!! 🙂 Still loving this process!! (btw, don't you love the picture of my great-grandparents in the silver frame below??? {adore}!!)

Ready to vote???? Go HERE to Kim's blog to vote! Remember, look for SALLY's ANGELWORKS on the left and click the button in front of it and then click VOTE at the bottom of the list!! yipeeeee!! 

I "love" you for voting for me!! :) 


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