Quilting…quilting…rejoicing…quilting…a great day!

Ohhh I just have to get a quick post in here to show off my BLOCK-a-Palooza Blocks that … wait for it … I am actually up to date on!! yipeeeeee!!! I also am doing great with my quilting schedule!! (ie…if you are reading this and are thinking, "why hasn't she finished my quilt yet???", your quilt is scheduled! I promise! It will get done THIS YEAR!!! yay!!!) 

{my valentines fabrics that I haven't dug into yet…swoon!!!!}

btw, do you have a great playlist to craft with??? Right now, I'm listening to my fave worship songs. They are sooo perfect for today – a rainy, dreary, cold, "where the heck is spring" kinda day!! That combined with my coffee has made the start of the day really fantastic!! yipeeeeeee!!

Okay, so if you don't know what the Block-a-Palooza is, check out John's blog over here:

Bloggers' Block-A-Palooza


and here are my blocks, so far…

block 1

block 2

block 3

block 4

block 5

Now, I have to admit with block 5, I kinda messed up. The corners are supposed to have the flying geese a different way, but I looked at the directions on my computer and then started my DVD on full screen and didn't look back at the directions until I was done. I kinda like the way this looks, so I decided not to seam-rip it out and fix it. Hopefully the quilt police won't kick me off the island!! :) 

For those of you that are not clicking on the link to go see John's explanation of Block-A-Palooza, I'll give you a brief description. Each Monday and Thursday there is a new block to create on a different blog. Kinda like a blog hop…it's fabulous. So not only am I learning new quilting techniques/patterns, but I'm finding all of these new very cool quilting blogs!! And even though the line of fabrics they are using is a very beautiful line (Sweetwater's Sunkissed), I am using a batch of fat quarters I got at Sample Spree at Quilt Market called Buttercup by Fig Tree & Co.


So here's a quick pic of what I got at the quilt store yesterday!! I'm so inspired by Bari's new book!! and this little book, thread & bobbin! Such great pics in them!!

and this fabric is for a little holder for a darling friend's MiFi…

Ohhh and I don't think I showed you what my sweet new friend, Stephanie, sent me!! I won a giveaway on her blog the week that Q was in the hospital, and she sent me a little pick-me-up with the pattern to make my week a little better!! It made my MONTH a LOT better!! (thanks, Steph!! you're the greatest!!)


so keep me accountable!! I need to make a few of these little bags for me and the kids!! (don't think Mr Gorgeous wants a cutie little quilted bag for traveling! LOL!) 

So keep tuned here…I am working on my Challenge#3 for Project Quilting this week and it's going to be a wonderful quilt that I may not have the notion to sell!! I also will post my judges' comments from last week. They were sooo encouraging! I'm so thrilled with this process…which is my whole goal! 🙂 The journey is what counts! Okay, the end result counts, too…but why be miserable or cranky while getting there???? 

Rejoice today!!! You are breathing!! You get to see a creation around you that is astounding…even if it is covered 20 feet with snow!! (it isn't here, but it's still drearily AMAZING!!!)


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