just a little tease…

Hasn't Amanda's Creative Team just knocked it out of the park so far???? I'm beyond blessed to be on a team with these girlies! They are sooo super supportive and wonderfully creative…they ooooze creativity all over the place! (sorry…I'm working on my metaphors for my song writing…that wasn't as pretty as I thought it would sound! LOL!!!)

So in the Sweet Divinity spirit of things, I just have to share this sneaky peek into my tutorial that I will be posting on Amanda's blog VERY SOON!!!!


dude…it doesn't get any better than a bunch of sheep, huh?? 

Is your interest piqued? Can't wait to share it with you SOON!!! (did I mention that it was soon??? LOL!!)

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    Oh, I am dying to see the rest!!!

    You are right. Being on this team ROCKS! I am having so much fun with it, and I am so excited to be playing in the same sandbox as you all! Thanks for all your support and friendship!

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    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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    Eep I know it is going to be adorable.

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    Something quilty! Can’t wait for you to go live (it is your turn on friday, right? My pc is a mess right now, I can’t find that calendar…).
    If you need some German metaphors let me know, although they are probably not very understandable in English 🙂

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