{french fry cuteness}

Okay, this post really isn't about french fries, but the basis for my creation tonight is a French Fry holder that my mom and I got from Crate and Barrel! Soooo cute!!

Here's how I created the little fabric cone that fit perfectly inside:

First of all, I got my pattern from Amy Powers' Inspired Ideas, the Christmas Issue…her Sampler Tree pattern on page 124. Sooo adorable!


I cut two patterns out of scrap fabric (Sweet Divinity, of course!!) and one out of fusible interfacing for the outside of the cone. 


I ironed the interfacing on the fabric that I wanted on the outside. 

Then I sewed the edges of both of the cones, leaving a little opening in the edge of the inside cone.


I turned the inside cone right side out…using a bamboo skewer (not the pointy side…teehee) to help turn the point…


Then I put the inside cone (right side out) inside of the outside cone (inside out!! confused yet??? LOL!!) and I sewed the tops together all the way around. It's okay to do this, because remember I left that little hole in the inside cone seam. Let me add that if you want a little ribbon on the top edge, this is the time…right before you sew that top seam, pin the ribbon with the unfinished edges parallel to the top unfinished edges…


Trim the seams…then pull the outside cone through that little hole in the seam so that all of the fabric is right side out!! You are loving that fabric as much as i am, aren't you???

I ironed the seam with the raw edges inside the inside cone. I whipstitched it closed, put it back in the cone and ironed the top with a bit of the inside cone out…I added a button over the bottom of the little ribbon on the inside and the outside of the cone! 


And you have seen ultimately what I created these for, but here's the eye candy again!! 🙂





Hope you enjoyed this little tut!! :) 

Have a wonderfully creative day!!

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