I'm in love…


{cora's cupcake pic…she made, decorated and photographed this!}

yes…i am in love with Mr Gorgeous, but I'm in love with something else, too!! (yes, you can tell him!! he's okay with it!!)

Free Motion Quilting!


Before yesterday, I couldn't figure it out. I mean, I kinda played around with my darning foot with the feed dogs down…scary, scary!! All of my stitches were all over the place, my tension was off, and my confidence wasn't up to par!! Not good for a quilter!


So I did what any self-respecting quilter does, and I went and took a private lesson with a fabulous teacher at my LQS (local quilt store), Quilter's Emporium. I sat for three hours with this darling lady and she walked me step by step through the process. We got the tension thing resolved right away…then came the hard part. Actually knowing where to move the fabric! 

She taught me that I need to doodle-I think this is key with quilting. Don't pick up your pencil or pen…just make one continuous line…see where you can go! This part was hard for me, but I know I will conquer it!


You'll never believe what the bottom line is with free motion quilting…


Practice, baby, practice!! That's all it takes!! (Have we heard of this concept before?? uh, yeah…how do we get to Carnegie Hall???? LOL!!!)


I'm excited to tell you that I'm practicing!! And every day that I practice, I get a little better and a little wiser…

{you can kinda see my name in this one! that was the first thing I did}

I bet you can't wait to see my first full sized quilt done finished!! I know I can't wait!! For now, I'll practice on my little art quilts. And I will love them…*sigh* 

Isn't it fun to learn something new???? Try it today!!

{all of the free motion samples were done during my lesson…just a beginner…with HOPE!!}

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