quick baby shower giftie…you can do it, too!!

So I was supposed to be in Austin today enjoying the Youth and Government State Conference with my daughter and my son and their little friends (my grandmother always called my friends my "little friends" so I tend to do that, too!). But in the interest of turning over a new financial leaf, Mr Gorgeous and I decided to save a couple of bucks and come home early and go back tomorrow. Yep, there may have been an easier way to do that, but we decided at the last minute and without prior planning, this was the best we could come up with comfortably. 

Anyway, I say all of that to say that I was invited to a family baby shower that happened today. As it turned out, since I was back home, I got to go!! And I wanted to create something very fun for this baby. I had an inkling of an idea in my head, but i wanted to make sure it went with the momma's registry. I saw a safari mobile on her registry so I knew I was good!!

I went to Thomas' blog and did this tutorial…

How to Make a Charming Elephant

I printed out two Elephants…one at 150% for the stuffed Elephant and one at 100% for the t-shirt applique. 

Here's a couple of photos in process…

 and after sewing…before stuffing…

and the finished products…

The coolest part of the project was the fact that I used organic fabric that just feels soooooo yummmmmmmmmy!! They are soft and silky…kinda like egyptian cotton with a million count!! 

So fun!! Let me know if you whip this up, too!! 🙂

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