frivolity in the craft room…by sally

Ohhhhh Yep, I'm having a blast in the craft room!! And I have a couple of sneaky peakies to share with you!!


First of all, here's a really fun challenge I'm participating in…

I probably should have spilled about this on the blog while the voting was happening, but I was too busy promoting it on TWITTER and FACEBOOK to post it here! LOL!!


Kim, from Kim's Crafty Apple had a brain child…she, like me, loves Project Runway; so much so that she started Project Quilting! Check out her fun background on Project Runway here on her BLOG.

I followed along last "season" and really wanted to participate when the first challenge for "season" 2 was posted. Luckily, I got in on that first challenge! And here is my entry…


and the story behind the quilt…

Here's the story behind this quilt. When I heard primary colors, I immediately thought of this brand new layer cake I bought (Lauren and Jessi Jung's Hideaway by Moda)!! I can't get enough of the little deer in the red fabric, or the birdies in the patterned block…those little birdies reminded me of one of my fave quotes by Emily Dickinson…"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul-and sings the tunes without the words and never stops at all!" Ohhhh what a world we would live in if everyone was filled to the brim with HOPE!! 🙂

The quote and the birdie blanket stitch is all hand embroidered. I am a huge lover of straight line quilting (while I learn free motion quilting in private! teehee!!). I also adore the simplicity of a mega nine patch with the focus on the quote,



So one of the very cool things about this competition is that the judges give you critiques. I wanted to share mine with you, because they are wonderfully helpful as I progress to next week! 


Judge 1: The real beauty in this piece is the simplicity.  I like your fabric selections; I love the quote in the center and I love your little flower as an extra.

I also like straight line stitching but maybe switching it up a little would have added to the piece.  Maybe changing the angle of the stitching in the blocks.  Also try to keep the straight lines straight.  I know this is easier said than done but it is one of the musts in straight line stitching.

Fun, inspirational piece.  Would be great to hang where you could read it when talking on the phone!

Judge 2:  Wonderful quote and sweet colors in your wall hanging.  I really like that you’ve hand embroidered the words. 

Judge 3: Nicely done piece.  I love the quote. Nice staging for the pic.

Judge 4: Great inspiration. The simple 9-patch is a good choice for making the poem the focal point. Very nice touches with the white flower and red bird applique. Excellent quality stitching on the letters – they are very clearly readable. The light and dark fabrics seem a little off balance.


This Sunday, challenge #2 will be posted! Wish me luck…and in a week's time, don't forget to vote for Sally's Angelworks!! :) 


And those quick sneaky peakies…

I'm hoping to finish at least ONE good sized quilt a month.

Here is January's quilt top…

remember these scraps? they are for this challenge:

Fabrics N Quilts scrappy challenge

here's a fun pic of the top I've created with these scraps…


I hope to have this sucker quilted and bound before the end of the month! wooohooooo!! 


Here's a fun sneaky peak of my latest embroidery project…


you are going to love these!! 🙂


and another sneaky peek…

This sneak peek is for something totally different…that will include that new quilt hanger! it is soooo cool!!! and I can't wait to share with you, but I can't until … ohhh, sometime in February!

and did you notice that I painted my wall in my staging area??? I love that color! I hope that Mr Gorgeous gets irritated enough with the fact that the whole wall isn't painted and does the whole thing while i'm gone or something like that! :) 

Okay…I have some fun little ditties that I've created using Amanda's fun Sweet Divinity line…I'll share some of those tomorrow night!

Have a wonderful weekend!!! :) 

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