creating…hoping…living…all OUTLOUD!!!!


Yep…that's my story! I love to live outloud. And most of me does it on purpose. 

I want accountability. 

I want to make sure people know that I am authentic…

ohhhhh, authenticity! I adore that word!! :) 


But here on the blog, I don't want to be completely inward focused, of course! I want to include you, my darling readers, in the conversation! I want to be able to engage with other crafters, quilters, digital scrappers, women, women in need…women who feel like all hope is lost!

{pic from beachbungalow8}

Yep, I love to talk…I love to converse…my darling friend Sydnee and I talked for hours after meeting three other sweet friends for coffee last Tuesday night. Yes, it was a late night, but I was encouraged when I left her. And I also know that (well, I hope!!) she was encouraged, too!!

So, as this new year progresses, I'm thriving to engage in more conversations…developing relationships more, especially with women! Bear with me as I learn my balance here with my home life, my commitment to my church, and with my business. 

Here are a couple of ways you can converse with me…

Leave a comment here on the blog! so fun!!


you can always email me at sally AT sallysangelworks DOT com!


Along those lines of cavorting with my crafty friends, check out what's happening this Saturday evening!!

Please join us Saturday, January 22nd, at 6pm at the Lawndale Art Center for some free St. Arnold's, our super awesome Valentine's Day garland DIY,
and a Handmade Nation book sale!

Picture 1
more info at the Etsy Houston BLOG

And here is the garland you can make there, too!! (yep, I got to design it!! yay!!)


I'm excited about the future! I have a bunch of projects in the works!! And I can't wait to share them with you!!

now if only those laundry folding fairies would show up…

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