20 hours…

It took me 20 hours to realize…

    *how thankful i am that THANKFUL is my word for this year!

    *that communication is the glue that holds a marriage together, yet, i still need to work on how that communication is delivered!

    *nothing hurts more than watching your child in pain. nothing.


It took me 20 hours to realize…

    *ERs are going to take forever…they just are!

    *Houston has always been known for it's stellar medical center. It's even more stellar when you are putting your child's well-being in it's care!

    *nurses ROCK!!!


It took me 20 hours to realize…

    *Little boys, no matter how old they are, love to have BOTH of their parents with them while going through the wilderness of the unknown.

    *Some little boys like to know exactly how long something is going to take…exactly!

    *Angry Birds doesn't help when you are in a lot of pain.


It took me 20 hours to realize…

    *McDonalds dinner at midnight paired with McDonalds breakfast at 9am after basically NO SLEEP is really not the way you should live your life!

    *Maybe it is a good idea to keep a spare contacts case in your purse…ohhh, and a toothbrush…

    *the iPad purchase was really worth it…especially since the hospital has free WIFI


It took me 20 hours to realize…

    *Big equipment is really great for finding really small stuff inside your body!

    *Kidney stones hurt a lot!

    *If you move your arm a lot and it has an IV in it, this machine will beep really loudly for a long time until a nice person comes and pushes a button that you could have pushed the whole time it was annoying you!


It took me 20 hours to realize…

    *a couch in a hospital room will never be anywhere near as comfortable as a Tempurpedic bed…never!

    *no matter how fun a hospital sleep-over may sound, there will never be silence, therefore, no sleep.

    *even hospitals have spare toothbrushes.


It took me 20 hours to realize…

    *my girls really are the best little girlies in the world.

    *my son is a strong young man who can make it through most anything life throws at him!

    *God really is in control.

{photo taken by Mike Bernstein at Point Lobos, CA}

It took me 20 hours to realize what I've known all along:

    There's really no place like home!!

~written by sally keller after spending 20 hours in Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, finding out that her 13yo son has/had a kidney stone! 

{all pics taken by Mr Gorgeous at Point Lobos, CA unless noted}

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    I was wondering why those photos were familiar…

    That’s where Jeff proposed!!!!

    & I’m so glad Q is better 🙂

  2. Reply

    Oh my – so sorry to hear about your ordeal. We are amazing – we can be oh so excited about creating and yet be “moms” with kiddos who need us. Hope all is well and will be better soon!

  3. Reply

    Oh, yuck! I hope he is on the mend, and you are, too!

  4. Reply

    Poor boy. I am glad he is going to be better. I have had kidney stones and when they say it is like being in labor they are right… having done both I can testify. I hope you can have a sigh of relief and a good sleep. Blessings.

  5. Reply

    Ouch! I just read through Jewel’s comment and I must say that he is one brave boy! Hope you all can get some sleep now and that all is well now.

  6. Reply

    Saw your FB posts yesterday and wondered what was going on. Didn’t want to pry. Sorry about all that stress on your family. I hope all is well and everyone’s feeling better today!

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